M.O.G. – Radio Rock E.P. 7″

mog_cover.jpgOne of the most underrated dutch HC bands. Maybe cause M.O.G. had wacky sleeves and an original sound. But boy did they put out some great HC! But I think they’re in their prime when they slow it down as heard in the two outstanding tracks here: Walking and King Skinhead. Great!


Due to the mystery of M.O.G I haven’t been able to dig anything up. There’s a discography page at Kill From The Heart but the years are wrong there. Their second 7inch was Crap Rap and released in 1988.


Maybe our friend Niels/Eet U Smakelijk(who ones where in Gepopel who released the amazing Paracide the same year) can give us some info?


Country: Holland
Year: 1985
Format: 7″
Never Too Late.mp3
King Skinhead.mp3
Pay The Price.mp3
Too Long.mp3
Give Them.mp3
The Down Away.mp3

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  1. martin says:

    Who s Jack Kabula?

  2. Raymond van Hees says:

    I believe it was a bass player of M.D.C. Now you also can find some video s of MOG at you tube..Thanks to Martin and Wim.

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