Flyin´spiderz – City boy 7″

City boy 7.jpgFlyin´ spiderz from Holland did release a couple of early punkrock-records! To me they sound like a mix of rock and punk, but all those genres just fucks your head up, so just let´s say it´s good. I have another 7″ a 2 LPs (1977-1978) on which you can find some really great punksongs and some boring rocksongs as well, but If you can find them in the used bin for a fair price they´re worth buying.


I think this is their first vinyl, but I´m not sure…


Country: Holland
Year: 1977
Label: EMI
Format: 7″

City boy.mp3

I don´t wanna go.mp3

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  1. Niels says:

    Actually there was a record before this one (“Down”/ “Let’s Take The Chance”), but that was never released; a number of picture sleeves are circulating tho’. I saw the Flyin’ Spiderz on a kiddie TV show when I was about 10 years old; I remember thinking it was a bunch of horrible noise. Funny, because they were surely one of the slickest punk bands around. Their 2 LP’s are not too hard to find secondhand; both contain a couple of pretty good songs each. Avoid their later noo-wave records (under the moniker “Spiderz”). I found a Dutch web page that has a snippet of a 1978 live show that sounds pretty wild (, but alas, it’s only about a minute long (I guess that guy is selling CDRs or something).

  2. Both LP:s have such great front covers. Especially the first one.

  3. without the enemy within says:

    The ULTIMATE single by Spiderz is “Movies” (1977). It can be found on the EMI comp. “Meet the new `punk´ wave” 1978. If one doesn´t mind punk played by real musicians

  4. Speed says:

    Great stuff. The singer sounds British, though.

  5. Martin says:

    He’s singing “I’m a sissy boy”, no doubts about it.

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