Agent Orange – Bloodstains E.P. 7″



The song that have given name to a series of compilations of obscure punk: Bloodstains Across this and that country. But the best name yet for a comp of obscuritys may be Cumstains Over My Record Collection.


Bloodstains have somewhat overshadowed the other two tracks wich are awesome too but not as hard production wise when it comes to the guitars. Agent Orange went in a more gloomy direction but at least Living In Darkness is worth picking up. Enjoy some classic punk rock from California sailors.


Country: USA
Year: 1980
Label: Self Released
Format: 7″
Bored Of You.mp3

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  1. E. says:

    Bloodstains gives me cumstains.

  2. ted says:

    ok maybe i’m stating the obvious here, but there’s a riff in bloodstains that the offspring boosted almost verbatim. also, what did you think of AO’s cover of “somebody to love?” (it was on a 12″ ep from the early 1980s). great blog.

  3. Boulder says:

    Living in Darkness is one of my top ten albums of all time. The production is perfect…not too great, but perfect.

    Those of you who go jogging – this is THE perfect jogging album. (OK, kind of pathetic, but old punks have to do something else when shooting up is no longer an option.)

    • Stig Dangerman says:

      Jogging is as distasteful as tasting Maggie Thatcher’s clam. Real punx don’t jog. We do jazzercize for twenty minutes in the morning with those video tapes put out by that idiot from the Cromags.

      • Georgi says:

        Why is the guy from the Cromags and idiot? Because he actually brings to light the truth about the Fascist Israelis and their continued oppression of the Palestinians
        . God forbid you don’t support Israel unconditionally – bye bye baby. Congress is a sham. 29 standing ovations for a Jewish Criminal Prime Minister. And I am jewish

  4. E. says:

    If I would go jogging, I’d pick Saint Vitus.

  5. Raul says:

    living in darkness is a cool album yeah. and i wish the adolescents had a cover of that song, i think it fit really well in their style.

  6. jim says:

    With xmas coming up fast I’m hoping one of you will send this record!!

  7. E. says:

    As soon as I got my gear fixed, I’m going for “Living in Darkness”. No worries. Wanted to do that for some time now.

  8. Tony says:

    I think Steve Soto, bass player for the Adolescents, actually played bass on this EP (I know the sleeve says otherwise). This EP is great, and I like it better than the “Living In Darkness” EP which for me is a little spotty and too metal sounding on some songs. A song like “Everything Turns Grey” are top notch classics, but a few others drag on a bit. And the version of “Bloodstains” on the 1st EP is better than the one on the 2nd EP. I agree- the comp “Cumstains Across My Record Collection” is the best title. It had a cool custom cover with faux cumstains on it, I should have picked up a copy when it came out 8 years ago or so.

  9. Boulder says:

    I think where this band went wrong is that, after the release of ‘Living in Darkness’, they went MOD.

    My alltime favorite punk comes from Southern California, but if any of you actually know people from that area – they unfortunately tend to be TRENDY as all hell.

    The same college buddies from L.A. who turned me on to all this great Cali punk rock in the first place ended up, really within a matter of months, getting into neo-Mod, then neo-Rockabilly, then new Romantics (what the fuck WAS that music?!) – changing trends fast enough to make your head blur.

    But if they hung on to their vinyl from back then – I think the only records that are worth anything (monetarily + otherwise) today are the punk records.

  10. zippy punk says:

    I saw agent orange at the warehouse skate bowl in Charleston, sc about 4 months ago. They were cool as fuck and sounded great, but they were old as fuck also. They skated with us drank with us and played a great set at 3 am. It was awesome.

  11. fred says:

    The Bloodstains version that was the hit on KROQ at the time is slightly different than this version and is on Rodney on the Roq LP Vol 1. Steve Soto is on this Ep version but not the ROTR version. I think Rikk Agnew from the Adolescents is the co-writer of Bloodstains!

  12. Degenerateen says:

    Living In Darkness is a killer lp. Gotta be my favorite skate-punk band.

  13. mister crash's corpse says:

    heck, it’s true. the agents of surf punk were junkies like me. even shooting up wid the same needle. i love em to death though. everyone TURNS GREY.

  14. Agent Orange came to Brasil three times and I had very lucky to saw them on all times…great shows…amazing band…

  15. Let me see if I can help dispel the confusion surrounding this e.p. …

    The ROTR version of “Bloodstains” and the version most commonly licensed for compilations and films is the original 1979 version when Soto was in the band.

    The version on the featured e.p. is a 1980 re-recording without Soto. On the original Living In Darkness album is a 1981 re-recording again without Soto. Mike Palm has again at least twice re-recorded for Enigma/Restless and Cleopatra without any other of the original members.

    Rikk Agnew had no part in writing “Bloodstains”.

    “Bloodstains” has been covered by numerous other groups.

    There was a dispute between my company Covina High Music and my good friend Brett Gurewitz’s Epitaph over the “borrowing” in “Come Out And Play”. Somehow I think if we hadn’t all known each other, there would have been a financial settlement but the dispute became quite personal.
    Ultimately no lawsuit was filed as the expert musicologist report claimed other things that Agent Orange had been influenced by Nirvana!

    However, one of the settlements that I proposed at the time of the dispute was that the Offspring cover an Agent Orange song.

    And though that suggestion was rejected out of hand by Jim Guerinot, the Offspring’s manager, Bryan Holland did start playing “Bloodstains” live as a sort of “up yours”. Later when The Offspring were offered approximately $100,000 to provide a recording for the film “Ready To Rumble”, they chose to record “Bloodstains” offering us $20K, rather than the customary $50K and promising to include the recording when they came to do a Greatest Hits set. I accepted the deal, feeling that this was a more than acceptable way to bury the hatchet.

    Mike Palm, I understand, is still upset.

  16. Marty says:

    The idea that you can copyright a riff has no leagl president in U.S. copyright law. You can only copywrite lyrics to chords. The part of that song in dispute had no singing, it’s just an egyptian scale. Therefore that claim never had any teeth. Brett never owed you anything.

  17. willy says:

    Marty, tell that to Vanilla Ice. You’ve been listening to too much Vandals.

  18. Robert says:

    I really liked bloodstains but the others are goo too.

  19. The ParadoxX says:

    I lost my slef I lost control I lost my mind
    Agent Orange is the best…just listen to bloodstains and surfbeat

  20. Greg says:

    I noticed on popsike that there is a copy of the EP pictured with red labels instead of the usual black labels. Does anyone know the differene? Another pressing? Also, if anyone has a spare cover for sale,, my copy needs a cover! Thanks, Greg @ Artifix

    • xDetoursx says:

      I had both versions and sent an email to Mike Palm asking about this. He responded that when the record was first pressed they used the black labels, but ran out of them and still had sleeves left, so they did another run of red labels. They really aren’t a second pressing since they were all pressed at the same time, but technically i guess the lack labels did come first. The same amount was pressed with each color

  21. Thomas says:

    According to Discurge Rock’n’Roll is the red label pressing a second press.

  22. pirateradionut says:

    Great stuff! I have this EP on the Agent Orange Rhino collection.

  23. Chuck Foster says:

    I used to have a Flipside video tape of Agent Orange, Bad Religion and Circle Jerks and like a douche, I got rid of it. I have the BR and CJ shows on DVD now (along with The Weirdos and The Dickies) but I wish I still had that AO show.

  24. BRYON says:

    The band Scot Miller played with after Agent Orange, the first live show was at the Hauf braw hut in Fullerton California, this show was in conjunction with a tupper ware party and reviled such clasics as CRY TO THE GODS and whers my girl
    Written by Bryon

  25. Anonymous says:


  26. LFrank says:

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  27. LFrank says:

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  28. The Flakes // Drummer says:

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