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‘Snots – No Picture Necessary E.P. 7″

  Bill Riefland who later joined the somewhat more famous Ministry was a member of Seattles ‘Snots. So Long To The Sixties have been comped on the Killed By Death series. And rightly so since it’s an awesome track that … Continue reading

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Le Ritz – Punker 7″

  Pub rock band gone punk? Don’t know but these guys knew how to craft two raw, snotty and great original tracks with keyboard/piano. The keyboard solo in Punker gives me chills at the same times as I laugh my … Continue reading

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P.F. Commando – Svenne Pop E.P. 7″

  Legendary first release by PF Commando. To get the whole picture of how great this one is you really need to know swedish. The lyrics to Svenne Pop is THE perfect anti radio pop lyric:”Det är bara en massa … Continue reading

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Vast Majority – I Wanna Be A Number E.P. 7″

  This is a re-post from April the 1st 2006. Added more scans, God’s Groin and Throwdown.   When people who’re not into punk think about how punk sounds I’m sure this is exactlly how they picture it. There’s not … Continue reading

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Helmettes – I Don’t Care… 7″

  Do I need to tune the bass? No, cause we don’t care what the people say. Then we borrow the famous “rrrrr” accent from Rotten to make it sound punk. And punk it sounds. Incredible great punk too. Raw … Continue reading

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