Machines – True Life E.P. 7″



This is a re-post from April the 8th 2006. Added more scans and recorded it from the original vinyl. Notice the difference from the boot. The boot is rawer and they normalised everything. And that is revising history. Come on boot guys are you David Irving of punk rock boots? Here the sound goes up and down. Fades in and then fades out a little in the middle parts on some songs etc. A great mess!


One of the best punk rock 7inches from UK ever. I wish I knew anything about this band but I don’t. A pressing of 500 and is on many collectors want list and for once I understand why.


Re-issued a couple of years ago without the original sleeve. And now Detour Records have made yet another reissue: grab it! From the back of the sleeve: Recorded in 1/2 hour, at 8 quid and hour.


Country: UK
Year: 1978
Label: Wax Records
Format: 7″
True Life.mp3
Everythings Technical.mp3
You Better Hear.mp3
Evening Radio.mp3

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  1. Andrew W. says:

    Here’s some info on the band.

    Love the work you folks are doing here, by the way.

  2. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    How could I forget to do research at you excellent site? Thanks for the the nice words Andrew.

  3. Andrew W. says:

    Ha! I wish it was “my” site. It’s a great resource, alongside the Flex discography.

    I’m not motivated enough to set up that sort of thing. I’m a lazy sod.

  4. Andi Schurer says:

    If you aint done so allready, check out the above site. Great site, Andi.

  5. Andi Schurer says:

    Oh left it off!

  6. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Thanks Andi! I sneaked around yeasterday when I saw people coming from that site. Shall take a closer look later on.

  7. Nick Paul says:

    Great site! One small error, the original pressing was 1,000 not 500. It was subsequently released on orange and pink vinyl and CD by Gecko Records.

    Nick Paul, The Machines

  8. Nick Paul says:

    Sorry, another tiny point. Detour are NOT re-releasing it. They are releasing an earlier version of ‘You Better Hear’ and another blaster called ‘Racing’ (both recorded in 1977) as tracks 1 and 2 ot their forthcoming compilation ‘Bored Teenagers Vol.4’ on Bin Liner records.
    Nick Paul, The Machines

  9. Mark Lame says:

    Any truth to a rumour about one of the band going on to anohter outfit called The Collectors (Different World 7″ – 1980)? Think it was Dizzy that told me that.. Certainly a great 7″, i got the CD/7″ reissue on Gecko years ago..

    • Dean Taylor says:

      yes i think one meber did go on to be in the band called The Collectors (Different World 7″ – 1980) i have a copy of there one only 7″ on ebay now this weekend. i pick this copy of a meber of the bad some time a go hope this helps

  10. E. says:

    okay, okay – NOW i’m jealous (the typical punk feeling). this is something I NEED!!!!! anybody wants to trade it for clive culbertson 7″ with sleeve – get in touch!

  11. Bloober says:

    I think maybe the History of your copy was Revised by some spilled beer.

  12. steve says:

    If Nick Paul’s still about: Nick, who did the rubber-stamping on the original singles… the band, or someone else?

  13. JG says:

    True Life is too good.

  14. stulli says:

    true life download is broken!

  15. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    nope works here. what happened?

  16. Ive still got a signed copy by John Dee

  17. Kaska Masky says:

    Love is all around, lets all around the world to play

  18. All the info on The Machines can be found on the official website The band, reformed 3 years ago, have played all over the UK, including The Punk Rebellion Festival in August 2008. I played with Nick Paul in Raw Power (pre The Machines) in 1974-75 which can be checked out on and we joined forces in 2005 in order to reform The Machines.

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