Freestone – Church 7″



One of the best punk songs are done as a joke by a non punk band. How great and ironic is that? Church has ONE great moment and that’s when Willie Braun sings “…and most of you will get punished” the puffing sound on “punished” into the microphone is worth a few spins.


I think Church will appeal to Erich/Good Bad since it has that retarded hard rock feel to it that I know he loves.


Bummer Bitch don’t need any words to describe how great it is. Everything is perfect: sound, arrangement, lyrics and the awesome vocals. “The thing is….. is that it was a joke! We were making fun of the PUNK movement and it was taken seriously!


And yes here’s the test press. Bummer Bitch suck my dick!!


Country: USA
Year: 1978
Label: Akhashic
Format: 7″
Bummer Bitch.mp3

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19,170 Responses to Freestone – Church 7″

  1. Conster Mock says:

    Bummer Bitch is a killer song, the other one starts interesting but gets a bit dumbish.
    But as long as you’re not posting ULTRAVOX, everything’s fine with me!

  2. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    ha ha it starts interesting? what are you on Conster Mock?

  3. Petter says:

    Heard Bummer Bitch before on KBD and loved it, b-sides sucks really hard, wtf is that?

  4. cbdas says:

    I miss my test press already.

  5. jdrewv says:

    you make me sick!

  6. Drzeke says:

    Wrong site!
    Isn’t this the site about Punk, powerpop, mod, hard core music?

  7. Mikael/Torslanda says:

    Church isn’t bad at all. never has been. whats the matter with you?

  8. terry says:

    Drzeke, didn’t you listen to bummer bitch? one of the best punk songs you’ll ever hear. well for church… maybe good bad hard rock sounding a little bit punk?

  9. Penople says:

    HOLY SHIT!!!! This is truly THE best fucking punk blog there is. How can the others compete at all if there is a competition?

  10. Jordan Kratz says:

    That song is the perfect song to sing to your girlfriend on a romantinc night.
    you are sure to get laid if you do me i am telling you it will work.

  11. Justin says:

    excellent advice jordan

  12. Conster Mock says:

    Tried last night. Didn’t work. Should maybe finally take a shower.

  13. SwePete says:

    Get rid of that barn smell!

  14. Degenerateen says:

    An unforgettable masterpiece.

  15. SwePete says:

    Conster Mock used to play in Fear Of Soap!

  16. Mr Thrills says:

    I think the lyrics on “Church” are pretty funny, the music sucks though.

  17. gamma693 says:

    “Church” sounds like a song SPINAL TAP passed on, but was too good to go unheard. Both sides of this EP are good in my book.

  18. Tony says:

    “Bummer Bitch” is such a dirty, raw classic. It’s kind of like a companion of other X-rated tunes like the Angry Samoans’ hilarious “The Ballad of Jerry Curlan”. I was floored when I first heard “Bummer Bitch” on KBD#2 many years ago. Then I almost threw up a few years later when I heard the flipside “Church” because it was so bad to my ears. Yuck, yuck, yuck! “Bummer Bitch” is a classic case of accidental greatness like so many other beloved KBD-type records. Best use of a piano in a punk song, I think.

  19. John COA says:

    I recognize “Bummer Bitch” as an old band from my area used to cover it, The Epiletix.
    They did a live recording of it and play it a little faster so therefore I think I like the cover version a little more.

  20. Jay Thurston says:

    Pretty funny shit. It was meant to be a joke, and lo and behold it became a classic “punk” record. I wonder if “Spinal Tap” goes punk, in ten years, their music will be classic? Go figure.

  21. Anonymous says:

    god i needed to hear bummer bitch 20 years later

  22. Last Laugh Records says:

    official reissue out now!

    ordering info over here:

  23. Johnny says:

    Got it in the mail today. It looks and sounds fantastic. I’m glad this got reissued and you should too.

  24. Johnny says:

    Sooooooooooo good!

  25. igor says:

    do they have anything else except this 7”?

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