XTC – When You’re Near Me I Have Difficulty

Erich/Good Bad was asking me a little about what XTC stuff to seek out. That lead me to search for some videos by the masters at www.youtube.com. I found When You’re Near Me… from their third LP Drums And Wires performed at Festival Hall in Melbourne 1980. Goose bumps! GOOSE BUMPS!


When You’re Near Me I Have Difficulty


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  1. Great stuff! Crazy they were so popular once, cause the material ain’t that easy going. That’s probably why I didn’t get them in the first place. Cheers Peter!

  2. gamma693 says:

    What the fuck is he doing with his vocals? Ha ha!! I read somewhere that Andy Partridge had/has horrible stage fright and he would nearly go into anxiety attacks when he did live shows. When XTC got big, they stopped doing live shows as a result. I think if they kept doing live shows at their peak popularity they’d have ended up being as big as U2 did (they were certainly a better band that U2 were anyway).

    Thanks for posting this, it was a great watch!

    • Bernie says:

      too right gamma, U2 were always punching below there weight,music for the mums and dads as Johnny Rotten would have said. XTC on the other hand were the 10CC of punk…
      The Dukes of Stratosphere are XTC under an assumed name, in the 1980’s they made 1967 style psychodelic pop

  3. Tim says:

    Man…I am SOOOO lucky. My first big concert when I was a kid was seeing the Cars at Madison Square Garden. The lucky part is that XTC was opening for them. They were supporting their recently released Black Sea album. It would turn out to be their last tour.

  4. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Ahhh Tim, I’m jealous. One of the bands that I would’ve REALLY loved to see live. Yeah Partridge got stage fright. They did their last gig in Paris that tour I think.

  5. g-sus666 says:

    this is bloody awful! the singing is terribly annoying, like he’s forcing himself…
    not my cup o’ tea at all, i guess.

  6. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    One of the best. Beats most of the stuff posted here. My cup of coffe!

  7. ddc says:

    Pure genius. Indeed one of the best. Of all times.

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