Plastic Idols – Einstein Experience E.P. 7″



Following the path of the Texas theme that Erich/Good Bad Music started with the posts of The Dicks and Stains here’s Plastic Idols second oil product. Uncircumcised Twin is almost as good as Siamese Love found on Are We Too Late for the Trend? blogged by Erich. Is Siamese Lust found here a follow up to that one?


This has to be one of the most underrated Texas band ever. Up there with the likes of Big Boys. Hope you all had a terrible Christmas.


Country: USA
Year: 1980
Label: Vision
Format: 7″
Einstein Experience.mp3
Uncircumcised Twin.mp3
Siamese Lust.mp3

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  1. rico says:

    these are three greats songs. definitely an underrated band. it seems that there many underrated bands from both Texas and Louisiana. Many of the bands from those states could actually play their instruments and could definitely write better tunes than all those numerous overrated westcoast and eastcoast bands. Even today, bands that are not from either the eastcoast or the westcoast don’t get all the easy hype that bands from those coasts get.

    But anyway, these songs are three great little nuggets. The semi-psychedelic “Siamese Lust” song was a cool surprise. Thanks for turning me on to the plastic idols.

  2. Tom says:

    How come you and Erich are spoiling me with these homeland punk treasures? Plastic Idols are classic punk. To me they were the best band on the Are We Too Late LP. I remember talking to Barry Kooda of the Nervebreakers back in 1994-95 or so when I was collecting all the rare Texas punk records and he told me they were a bunch of pansies and new wave posers. I didn’t tell him at the time but when I hear My Girlfriend Is A Rock by the Nervebreakers I think they were the pansies instead. Homophobe. Btw, the Big Boys were cool looking and live but musically pretty lame. I never was too much into funk/punk. I wish the Dicks would have played more punk like their 1st 7″ istead of gettin all funky too. And then the Chili Peppers became famous for fusing punk and funk. I digress.

  3. Tom says:

    Do you wanna know why Texas punk bands are way underated. It’s because most people only listened to mainstream rock or country here back then. Now rap or tejano thesedays. Punk was considered too faggy or childish in Texas. So bands came and went without much support. I think it’s why so many Texas punk/hc bands moved to California.

  4. Erich says:

    On the other hand – wouldn’t it be a pain to see all the mtv kids running around with DICKS or PLASTIC IDOLS t-shirts on?
    Great 7″! Seems like I should spend more money on ebay soon instead of drinking it all away.

  5. Ed says:

    Be looking for the new Plastic Idols cd “Singles, Demos & Live” Houston Punk 79-81 !!


  6. Dan says:

    Einstein Experience has long been one of my fave songs, though I’ve still never gotten this 7″…never even saw it listed till it hit eBay twice recently but missed winning both times. Don’t remember the sources but people used to knock this…”second single is bad new wave” or something. Crazy talk. Anyway, Ed, if you read this again, please contact me, I’d like to know more about the CD. I can be reached at dan at acuterecords dot com.

  7. Anonymous says:

    “I remember talking to Barry Kooda of the Nervebreakers back in 1994-95 or so when I was collecting all the rare Texas punk records and he told me they were a bunch of pansies and new wave posers. I didn’t tell him at the time but when I hear My Girlfriend Is A Rock by the Nervebreakers I think they were the pansies instead.”

    Have your read the interview Barry Kooda of the Nervebreakers did recently where he said Bobby Soxx was NOT an important part of Texas punk?
    Also, if you do a google image search for Barry Kooda, it seems he may have been the twit who painted the obnoxious crying eagle picture…

  8. The ESR Idols song is OK but I think the Vomit Pigs were incredible. I asked my mom about Barry Kooda since she was in the Dallas punk scene and she said he had some issues with Bobby Soxx back then. Apparently Bobby was in to beating up women a lot and Barry had trouble separating the music from the guy. Bobby went to prison for beating his girlfriend with a tire tool and then pissing on her. My mom said Barry and the Nerve Breakers played most of the gay bars back then which is where they got their start and he was associated with the Aids center in Dallas. He did some shows with his other bands giving away condoms and stuff and was definitely not a homaphobe when she knew him back in the 70’s and 80’s.
    She said the only time she ever heard the Plastic Idols was on the ESR album but she didn’t remember them. I’ll have to play it for her.

  9. Barry Kooda says:

    I’m an artiste’ AND a homaphobe!
    I don’t know who you guys are but I sure musta made an impression.
    Homophobe…..That’s rich!
    And I painted that goofy eagle photo that someone used on the United We Stand web ring I started and somebody else took over.
    BWAAAHHHAAAAA! Hilarious!
    The original photo was one of Ground Zero.
    I’m not responsible for that one either but you can credit it to me if you like.

    Thanks for the link, Missy. You’re right. It is pretty funny.I think I’ll post it on MySpace.

    Nervebreakers is one word and we were pansies.


  10. Johnny Cat says:

    I was the drummer sometimes frontman for the Plastic Idols back in those days. I got a kick out of playing Rock Island, the only joint in town. Plastic Idols went through 3 different phases. The two singles were recorded, then I joined the band in 80 as drummer, later on becoming frontman as the original drummer rejoined. We recorded a third single, but it was never released – no $$$. I went on to play with the Krayolas, Ezra Charles, Groovie Ghoulies, Flametrick Subs and so on. Still playing with my new band Johnny Hootrock, check out our myspace site. Those were fun days, with the MyDolls and the Big Boys and all –

  11. wyrefyre says:

    can anyone give me a list of
    the original band members of plastic idols? i like to know who the present line-up is (if there is a present line-up)

    • AL K TRAZZ says:

      Hello, I’m Trazz. I currently live in SFCA & consider myself to be a valued component of the PI movement. There is not a current line-up and if you would like to discuss the Houston punk scene from scratch-I’m your man. I was a founding member of Leggionaires Disease, guitarists for the NIGGERS and of course a founding member of the Idols. I can walk you through the PI history from meeting Warhol to a in home Monday Night football game with Iggy Pop and how the songwriting process developed from day one. Mail me at above address with further questions-comments and thank you for the interest in our part of music’s HISTORY. TRAZZ

  12. Anonomyous says:

    Yes I would like to know more about The Plastic Idols too. What happend to the guitarist with the Sound generator? and that Nick character?

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