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Cause For Alarm – S/T E.P. 7″

  Feeling tuff? Got a shaved head? Here’s something for you. Another stolen item. I was a teenage record thief. I won’t go on about CFA. It’s a classic record that most of you know. Sure it’s good but a … Continue reading

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Sell like hell

Some more goodies up at eBay:   You’ll find: Bannlyst Residents Inocentes Dissension Asta Kask and more…

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The Push – Love U/Zip Demon 7″

  Previous post where by an American band so following the tradition it’s time for some swedes to do the punk. The Push can’t be blamed to have a sound of their own. But it dosen’t matter when they manage … Continue reading

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The Broncs – Tele-K-Killing E.P. 7″

  Thin and infectious. “Reason to whine because I don’t have a girl that I can call mine.” something for the emo kids to pick up on. Tele-K-Killing is the standout track but for some reason I like the extremely … Continue reading

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Mizz Nobody – Smittad/Gania 7″

  Wow! What a fantastic guitar sound on Smittad. Aquarium sound. Doesn’t hurt that the song is top notch swedish punk from the golden year of 1978 either. The b-side Gania ain’t that exciting. Mizz Nobody where from Klippan who … Continue reading

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