The Fans – You Don’t Live Here Anymore 7″



Some freshly made powerpop. It’s not hmm… Oh fuck it’s one of those old sucky ones again. Buhu. The Fans second effort and nearly as good as Giving Me That Look… At least the title track. The guitar sound in the intro is amazing. Sounds like it’s recorded on a heavily used cassette and then played on an even worse tape deck. What kind of effect is that? A bad chorus box? Follow You is ok but there’s only one Police. No need to copy ’em though they manage to save them self in the chorus.


The band was enthralled by the same vision of creating quality songs at a speed which reflected the genre of the time and their drugs of choicer (cocaine and speed).


Country: UK
Year: 1980
Label: Fried Egg
Format: 7″
You Don’t Live Here Anymore.mp3
Following You.mp3

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19,170 Responses to The Fans – You Don’t Live Here Anymore 7″

  1. dead flowers says:

    you just made my day… thanks!!!

  2. fuzzystar says:

    I can’t believe somebody else knows this record!! I bought it randomly in a box of singles at the end of a car boot around 1990 when I was 10/11 and have never found anyone that knows this band! Even weirder still, I was just thinking about them again 2 days ago and how I can’t play the single because my record player is busted.

    Thanks so much!

  3. dead flowers says:


    if you dig this one, score their first 45 with the MONSTER “giving me that look,” which is one of the very top power-pop tunes of all time, if not thee top!!!

  4. The song was on Powerpearls vol 3 and I loved it from the first spin. Hadn’t heard the B-side before though – I like it too. Thanks Peter!

  5. Mark Lame says:

    for those intrigued by this lot.. In 2004 1977-Records in Japan did a limited repress of the first 7″ as well as a 17 track CD release which included both 7″s as well as some demos and a live set…

  6. The geetar thing is great and the general drive is appreciated. But the chorus lines are just too awful and spoil what could’ve been good for powerpop standards.

  7. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Giving Me That Look have been posted here before. Just do a search :).

  8. Rob says:

    Japanese metal/punk band Brahman have done a cover of “You Don’t Live Here Anymore” on their new album “Antinomy” – as good as the original? The guitar solo has been copied note for note.

  9. Mark Brenner says:

    Lead singer (and songwriter) George Smith is a mate of mine. He lives down near Bordeaux, France, and is still making great music. We play in a band together. Find out more by checking out his web site :

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