Goteborg Sound – S/T 7″



Equally as much progg as punk can be found in the sound of GBG(short for Goteborg) Sound. The rock n roll riffs that became the trade mark of the whole late 70s punk scene in Gothenburg was maybe used the most by these nice looking lads.


To me Pappas pojkar is their best song tightly followed by Bjorn Borg(the first record posted here). Just listen to the spitting break at 1:31 into the song and you know that they’re serious in their hate against brats supported by their rich dads. If they where around today I guess something like this would’ve been a great inspiration.


Country: Sweden
Year: 1979
Label: GBG
Format: 7″
Pappas pojkar.mp3
Ung och stark.mp3

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  1. tito says:


  2. Senap says:

    Fucking hell!!
    One of those posts that actually means something….
    Gothenburg’s finest

  3. gbg says:

    Not “progg” naturally. They were into pubrock.

  4. MILKY AFN says:


    Really, nobody has been posting GLAM. We NEED glam.
    You seem maybe like somebody who would have some great rare glam.
    We all need glam.
    Glam. Glam. Glam.
    All kinds of GLAM.
    Especially wannabe The Sweet, glam.

    Glam, Peter. Glam.
    Really. Really. Really.
    Please. Please. Please.
    Glam. Glam. Glam.

    Milky AFN, Glamorous and clamthirsty, clamorous and glamthirsty

  5. killer cane says:

    just read the little “war” at good bad music the guy there seems to be a serious prick. well Peter keep it up. just take his reactions on the mongo post that someone made here. he seems to take himself too serious. great post here by the way!

  6. Brendan says:

    I found the Good Bad Music For Bad, Bad Times through this site here. Sure he’ve posted some great music and some bad ones too. But the silly people that now are flooding the comments section makes me want to skip it. And why have he started to delete comments? Any of you remember his attack on 7inchpunk?

  7. RAGE says:

    I don’t take side cause these blog wars is just crap. Too many people seems to overreact when it comes to music. WHAT THE HELL??

    Great post here Peter!

  8. jens says:

    this blog kills the others so why bother? it’s not even a competition.

  9. Senap says:

    So what’s Erich got to do with GBG Sound? Leave comments on this Swedish crown jewel of punkrock instead. And Peter, post the 1978 single as well. Just because I’m such a bastard who has no vinyl left at all

  10. Yes, this makes me want to buy lots of expensive swedish beer and start a streetfight on avenyn. In a good way.

  11. MILKY AFN says:

    I hope you fellows didn’t think I had something to do with the blog wars.
    I actually was REQUESTING GLAM.

  12. MILKY AFN says:

    Or were you all talking about the comment with the phrase “he’ve posted some great music” in it.

    The blog that KILLS all others will be the one to post the first 2 Aussie 7 inches by SPK that have never been re-released.
    They were on eBay not but a year or so ago and sold for incredible sums.
    These would be the records SPK made before the Slogun single was released on Industrial and the sound is sopposed to be totally different. The EP that contains the song “No More” is allegedly punk; though I have not heard it.

    The Come Sunday ep from Come Organization (Pre-Whitehouse) would also be interesting to see posted, along with Whitehouse’s Right to Kill LP considering that it will not be re-released.

  13. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    No comments necessary. If anyone got something to say to Erich then head over to his blog. The link can be found on the left.

  14. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Yepp Senap, the other GBG 7″s will be posted later on :). Don’t you worry!

  15. killer cane says:

    # Ping pong punk Says:
    December 19th, 2006 at 7:56 am

    Who is this?

    Fear of god singer in his younger days?
    # The Flakes // Drummer Says:
    December 19th, 2006 at 9:03 am

    Nah looks and sounds like present.
    # Dumbledore – Your Punk Magician Says:
    December 19th, 2006 at 9:44 am

    Ping Pong Punk is obviously a cowardish wanker. And pardon me if I use the word in this context: A mongo deluxe.

  16. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Yeah yeah “killer cane” we’ve seen that. This site is about music nothing else! If you got something to say to me then that’s a different story. Shoot. Can take it all baby.

  17. Senap says:

    Thanx on forehand

  18. MILKY AFN says:


  19. dead flowers says:

    this record is fantastic… thanks!!!

  20. Jonny says:

    go sweden go!

  21. beav says:

    when are you going to post the other Goteborg Sound singel?

  22. Fungi says:

    Excellent! I’m addicted to this band!!
    But i can’t find the 1978 album. Do u guys has the album or know some site to download it?

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