Dow Jones And The Industrials – S/T E.P. 7″



Another one of those records that has been posted elsewhere but just can’t be posted enough so here we go. And one of Zero Boys favorite bands so that ties it together with the previous post.


This slab is so diverse and got a sound all of its own. From the hooky and outstanding Can’t Stand The Midwest to the more experimental, darker yet great stuff crafted in Let’s Go Steady and Indeterminism makes this is a total winner from start to finish.


Dow Jones on MySpace.


Country: USA
Year: 1980
Label: Hardly Music
Format: 7″
Let’s Go Steady.mp3
Can’t Stand The Midwest.mp3

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19,170 Responses to Dow Jones And The Industrials – S/T E.P. 7″

  1. teddy says:

    first time I’m seeing all the graphics posted. awesome band. thanks man!

  2. English Paul says:

    Fantastic record

  3. Steve says:

    Your website is AWESOME!

  4. Todd says:

    great band, great post, great site…thanks

  5. Scott says:

    Be sure to check out the DJ&I vids on YouTube. Besides all three of the EP songs and others from the LP, there’s one where they completely destroy Whole Lotta Love…

  6. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    The YouTube videos can be found in the videos section here too :).

  7. Jerk Ass says:

    Damn its Indiana punk day!

  8. LustForDeath says:

    It may be Indiana punk day, but i’m sure Peter doesn’t have the tea bag the post a Gynecologists 45! Great blog for sure though.

  9. hoosiers_do_it_better says:

    Yeah! How about the Big Employees, or Last Four (4) Digits 45’s? We will send you some corn, Peter. It grows good here.

  10. Woody says:

    I’ve only heard one Big Employees track but it’s so good. Need to find that record in a big way.

  11. mipose says:

    How about some Gizmos?

    The Gizmos World Tour record has the great “give me back my foreskin” which should have been on a KBD, but never was to my knowledge

  12. Harry says:

    Anybody else heard the GREAT dow jones 1980 demos? Would have made for a helluva good 7″

    – I Want a Pi Phi

    – Leave Me Alone

    – Straight A Students

  13. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Would love to hear that demo. Any chances to send off some mp3s?

  14. greg says:

    hey- just wanted everybody to know that there will be a Dow Jones and the Industrials CD re-release coming out spring 2007 with all the vinyl stuff plus 10 or so unreleased (and extremely insane) tracks remastered by Paul Mahern of the Zero Boys with a huge booklet of photos and extra shit. Its cool that 7″ punk realizes the evil, but the official release will sound a fuck of alot better, plus all profits go to the Tim North fund. The entire live video that’s all over U tube now will be available as well from the original Betamax (!) master w/ additional stuff that’s not all squiggly and fucked up looking

  15. John says:

    Hey Greg, what happened to the planned re-issue of Dow Jones???????????

  16. Nathan G says:

    This is porno for punx.

  17. John. says:

    Just ordered my copy of the reissue, they added a postcard and square pin to the package.

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