Bruset – Radio Aktiv 7″



Seems that the old Gothenburg scene got me in its grip lately. Radio Aktiv is by far the best song from Bruset etched on to vinyl. Incredible popwerpop/punk the way the super sweet blond Swedish vikings only manage do it.


Bruset sounds like some older men who used to be into gubbrock/pubrock discovered punk and decided that is the way to go. Nattsteg is boring boring boring. And you still want to hear it? Ok suit yourself. But keep in mind is another 3 minutes and 13 seconds waste of your life. Think about what other great stuff you could’ve heard instead. I imagen that some of the guys had a girlfriend that liked the b-side and said:”No, Hans I will never suck your dick again if you don’t release Nattsteg. It’s the best song you’ve done. It’s so totally girly.”


Country: Sweden
Year: 1978
Label: GBG
Format: 7″
Radio Aktiv.mp3

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  1. Senap says:

    From the grandfathers of the GBG punk scene.
    We, in Bumsen Muss Mann, didn’t suck guitarplayer Hans’ dick but he produced our MLP anyway. And Nattsteg isn’t that terrible, not one of my fave Bruset songs but quite alrajt.

  2. teddy says:

    radio aktiv is great!!!

  3. how about some shit bootleg from GBG’s sprangkullen? Cimex and Discharge in ’82/83 perhaps…if the tapes exist? he he yes yes

    Me getting all homesick hearing this stuff…

  4. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    I was at that gig in ’83 but unfortunately I was more concerned about my spiky hair then to bring with me a tape recorder. Would love to hear the show if anyone got it on tape.

  5. Senap says:

    Yeah, I was there as well. All punked up and of course without a taperecorder. I can ask around if there are any tapes made. But I think that if there ever was a recording made, then I would probably have heard it a long time ago. And if the recording was made in good quality, then it would have been bootlegged a long time ago.

  6. Yeah, i guess it would be out there somehow if it was ever recorded. I once heard a bootleg live recording of Anticimex at their prime playing victims of a bombraid stuff, and really good quality too, but the old timer who played me the tape said that he had promised Jonsson (of Cimex)never to make it “public”…oh well

  7. Yep, you’re right Senap, as far as I can remember, my dick remained utterly unsucked all through the recording of the BMM album. At least by you. :-)

    Funny, the old Nattsteg controversy still rages after all these years… :-) At the time, people thought we were nuts to record a reggae (or at least, pseudo-reggae) track. I can’t remember why we did it, we cetainly weren’t into reggae beyond Clash’s “Police & Theives” at that time (though we would be later).
    Kai Martin of Stick! fame, wrote the lyrics, btw, it was his first “published work”, about a year or so before Stick! released their first single.

    “Best into vinyl”, perhaps, but we did some other pretty decent stuff. Check our MySpace site for info on how to get hold of it.

  8. Senap says:

    Look at here… Mr H Flint in da house.
    Kolla precis in din (och Brusets) myspace. Tycker själv att det lite beigt att exponera sej pÃ¥ det viset. Men dina egna grejer var la helt OK. Kör pÃ¥ för fan…
    Sorry for swedish languitsch but I’m inkontinent

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