Los Reactors – Be A Zombie/Laboratory Baby 7″



Laboratory Baby is what this record is all about. Plenty of hooks and great arrangement. Listen to the break. And the length? 1:06. Perfect! They got it. You don’t have to repeat the chorus/verse over and over again. If it’s great you get it the first time and if you like it just play the song again. It’s like a speech. If you don’t have anymore interesting to say just quit. You don’t have to repeat the best part over and over. Like this so called review for example. Now it gets quiet boring don’t it? Thought so.


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Country: USA
Year: 1981
Label: Cynykyl
Format: 7″
Be A Zombie.mp3
Laboratory Baby.mp3

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19,170 Responses to Los Reactors – Be A Zombie/Laboratory Baby 7″

  1. Los Reactors are great! I think I posted something from them too a looong long time ago!

  2. Senap says:

    And Anna, it was a looong long time ago you’ve posted anything at all!! Are your great blog shut down?

    Good one Peter, BTW

  3. Todd says:

    Never heard these guys before but for minute there on the first track I thought I was listening to Jack Tsol. Nice use of keyboards.

  4. you’re crazy.
    be a zombie is a million times better.
    the keyboard melody is alot more infectious, and zombies are so cooler.

  5. Bimbo Bam says:

    Love lab baby. zombie is way too plain.

  6. Hey, sorry to be rude here but anyone have anything by THE PLAGUE (US)? You know that supergood US HC band which shared LP with Rovsvett (Sallan studsar en termos split LP)?

    Would be a supercool post don’t you think, to upload some of their shit?

    You dig?

    Tack tack.

  7. Woody says:

    One of the members of Los Reactors ended up playing in a racist metal band. Other than that this band is topnotch.

    As a sidenote, there’s a Los Reactors DVD being released next week by Dept. 13 films. More info here…

  8. Tom says:

    Laboratory Baby is really cool. I used to have arecording of it long ago. they also had another record I think. A member went on to form Cenotaph a metal band, but the band wasn’t very succesful because it was linked with white power. It’s a shame. White Power!!!!

  9. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Slobodan, I have the split The Plague did with Rovsvett. But to be honest I think they suck on there. I remember Loken in Rovsvett playing me a demo that they made before the recording for the split that where great though. Loken if you’re out there can you confirm this?

  10. behjan says:

    italian RAVE-UP lbl made a great job to re-release a posthumous LP and in this case the predominant synth does not annoy at all.when i spoke to main member Roger a few yrs back in the wake of re-issueing it i found out he is (was) in a White Power band and that was a total let down to me and we discusssed alot
    i heard about a CD-reissue and that upcoming DVD
    their classic is however DEAD IN THE SUBURBS, BE A ZOMBIE sounds quite dramatic, and LAB.BABY has a brilliant drum-work! great band!

  11. roger says:

    Hey, is it a crime to be White?

  12. Thanks for the great comments.(Bass Player L.R.’s)
    Happy trails, Tex

  13. Buh Ziiiiiiiiing !!! says:

    Just to let everyone know. Joe Danger AKA Joe Christ, lead singer of the Los Reactors, artist and filmaker died in his sleep of a heart attack in his home in the Philipenes 6-21-2009. Our hearts go out to his MANY Family, Friends and Fans everywhere. He was an innovator and a true genius in our underground community. He will be dearly missed.

  14. Buh Ziiiiiiiiing !!! says:

    Correction: He had actually been living in Philipenes, but passed away while visiting family/friends in Atlanta, GA.

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