Mizz Nobody – Smittad/Gania 7″




Wow! What a fantastic guitar sound on Smittad. Aquarium sound. Doesn’t hurt that the song is top notch swedish punk from the golden year of 1978 either. The b-side Gania ain’t that exciting. Mizz Nobody where from Klippan who gave us other great acts like Noise and Kriminella Gitarrer. Eva the singer later went on to Kabinett Dod based in Malmo.


Country: Sweden
Year: 1978
Label: DO 69
Format: 7″

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  1. Senap says:

    Better than I remembered it to be. Haven’t heard this one in 25 years or so. “Smittad” is still a great tune

  2. jon watkins says:

    allegedly, and according to the liner notes i read on a swedish bloodstains compilation, the lead singer was erm..”flicking the bean” when she did the vocals for ‘smittad’..that is to say, she was masturbating. i’m sorry for mentioning an infamous compilation on another infamous compilation’s site..faux paux on my part.

  3. SwePete says:

    Yeah John Thomas sorry Jon Watkins do you believe everything that you read? Flicking the bean while you sing about gonorrhoea(tricky that one),okay each to her own. I might try to get me some. Would do wonders to my voice at least! Sniggers!!!

  4. SwePete says:

    Hey Peter! Höw cöme yöu dönt use the pricks aböve the o´s? have you göt öne öf thöse internatinöl keyböards? Now repeat after me.. Kabinett DÖD, MalmÖ, LinkÖping,StÖckhÖlm. Oh fuck I should be in bed by now, at this time and hour……

  5. Tony says:

    “Aquarium sound”- LOL! Perfect description! “Smittad” has been one of my favorite Swedish tunes for years. What a crude sounding 45- Johan K would call it “shit rock” for sure. And if the story is true about the singer “flicking the bean” during the recording session then how much more crude! If you listen during the beginning of “Gania” you can hear her heavy breathing- hmmm…you decide what she was doing. Maybe she went for a jog and was out of breath from that. I actually like “Gania” too since it’s kind of creepy sounding and has a great guitar break in the middle of the song. But not as amazing as “Smittad” of course.

  6. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Hey SweetPete, I’m not using the ÅÖÄ cause I have to edit the text to be readable for the guys and gals how haven’t installed support for those funny letters. Sure I can go into the HTML and do the ö tags etc but I’m too lazy.

    Thanks for the always nice comments Tony. Funny story about her flicking the bean ha ha. Hope it’s true.

  7. Petter says:

    Smittad is supergreat, Gania not that great. What is it with all this punkbands that has one execellnt song and the other songs arent even worth listening too?

  8. LustForDeath says:

    Smittad is classic now! Gania is equally as good, surely not as crude and screaming, but who should cares? Gania, is catchy punk rock, great singning and a good guitar break. Gania is super great! Anyone into original punk music should like it.

  9. Petter says:

    Bad/crap/shitty/useless/so-so/boring etc (punk)music is not the same thing as original…

  10. jens says:

    I’m into original punk music. As long as it’s good. Gania ain’t.

  11. behjan says:

    the guitars are heavily abused on SMITTAD and in the middle part drift in a cosmic zone for a second
    that song is as good as to have been comped 3x times so far (almost as much as the 1st FRESH COLOR songs on the comp’s,hahaha…)

  12. onychotillomaniac says:

    Ganja is brilliant! What, you can’t “mosh” to it, in your new Air-Ware booties?! Punk has to be fast, and loud, in order to be punk! You know, like GBH! Lame.

  13. Kount Jizznack says:

    The back of the Bloodstains Across Sweden comp has this to say about the song “Smittad” which is also featured here. “Another cool record from the city of Lund. Stoopid no talent crud punk on DO Records. The young female vocalist insisted on doing all of the vocals in a totally dark recording room stark naked and masturbating to get the correct emotional performance. Indeed. She re-appeared a few years later in a band called Kabinett Dod.”

    The vocals in “Smittad” and “Ganja” certainly sound a bit different from one another. Hmmm. You have to love the descriptions of the bands on the Killed By Death and Bloodstains albums.

  14. hollybibble says:

    I actually find Gania to be a much, much more entertaining track – hell, it’s catchy as fork, has neat guitar that just bops along and does it’s job, and the crescendo at the end of each line in the verses has such a desperate, 60’s feel to it…it should be the intro song to a diamond-heist film. Just brilliant (like the diamonds! Yuk-yuk! Or the guy who planned the heist! Heeee!).

    Smittad is just a bunch of staircasing vocal lines stacking over a DISTRACTING guitar flange. Honestly, I’d probably consider it a classic if that for the pointlessly skronky guitar sounds trying to remind you how “spacy” the song is the entire time.

  15. elliott says:

    if she was masturbating that kicks ass. swedish punk is amazing!

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