The Push – Love U/Zip Demon 7″



Previous post where by an American band so following the tradition it’s time for some swedes to do the punk. The Push can’t be blamed to have a sound of their own. But it dosen’t matter when they manage to crank out a hit like Love U. Don’t be fooled by the intro. Amazing hi-hat sound. Humbugging(I was about to write thuging but the new spell checker in Firefox suggested humbugging instead so lets go with that) guitars and nice gayish piano. How about the photos on the back? Jag frÃ¥gar chans pÃ¥ Stellan Nilsson iallafall.


Forget about their other releases. Bad ska/reggae. Zip Demon is an attempt at playing hard rock but they fail miserably. And guess what? The Push are from Klippan too! What happened there? Why so many great bands from such a small town?


Country: Sweden
Year: 1978
Label: Kraaftpop
Format: 7″
Love You.mp3
Zip Demon.mp3

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  1. Petter says:

    Yeah Klippan must have had something in the water these days! Haven´t heard this one before but I guess I just counted them out because of their later stuff wich is not that good, to say the least… I Love U was great, b-side not that great…

    One of my faves from Klippan must be Noise (the 7″´s, not the LP) and of course Krim. Git. abd for us swedes theres always Torson

  2. Senap says:

    Fuck the half danish region now and return to the framstjärt of Sweden!! (Gothenburg)
    (Please) Post the rest of the GBG Sound singles soon.

  3. crilo in p-gro says:

    Am I th’only one who hears Heart’s signature “Barracuda” riff in the B-side’s intro?

  4. behjan says:

    weren’t KOMMISSARIE ROY from Klippan,too?

  5. Tony says:

    Fantastic A-side! Another Swedish treat that I’ve never heard before! The B-side “The Demon” is pretty bad. Oh well, at least they squeezed out one good song in “Love You”.

  6. Andy says:

    This should be Stry´s(krim git) first group(then called riot with Stry singing) before start krim. git. Their only good one but early 1978 and a great A-side.

  7. Richard says:

    Actually both The Push and Noise were from Perstorp, a small village next to Klippan.

    They just recorded their songs at Svenska Popfabriken in Klippan.

  8. Of course Henke stole that riff rom Heart’s Barracuda’ – he even told me so way back when! Eller hur, Henke? Men varför smulade du ner mina Conan-album pÃ¥ Pressmassan, och rev loss bladen…!?!

    Anyway, L-O-V-E U is a typical Dansant och taktfast ljudprodukt, whereas ‘Zip demon’ is an atypical Dansant och taktfast ljudprodukt. All the rest of their stuff are more of Karibiska slagdängor, if you ask me (and you probably shouldn’t…)!

    Btw, who wrote the lyrics to ‘Steal your love’ from that forever misspelt album, ‘Delicious banalaty’, really…?!?

    “A small village, next to Klippan”…well, Klippan has approx. 7,000 inhabitants, Perstorp 5,500, so Klippan isn’t really the metro you’re suggesting. Don’t mix up the Klippans kommun with Klippan, the dump!

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