Selling spare copys of rare stuff.

I’ve upgraded or simply have doubles of some really rare records that are now up for sale at eBay:

Some records have been uploaded here and some of them will come later on like:
Jermz – Power Cut 7″
Steroid Kiddies – S/T 7″
Oscillators – Marilyn Brown 7″ (super rare)
Martin And The Brown Shirts – Taxi Driver 7″ (Belgian press = rarer)
Jumpers – Sick Girl 7″
Siste Dagers Helvete – The Hell 12″
The Credits – S/T 7″ (very rare Assuie powerpop)
Razor Blades – Plastic Messiah 7″
Moths – Magazine Look 7″
Mob 47 – Orig. first 7″ w.sticker and lyric sheet!
SOD – Orig. first 7″ w. rare “crosscore” insert.
etc etc.
Do a search to see what bands you can listen to from the sale list.

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9 Responses to Selling spare copys of rare stuff.

  1. Slobodan B. says:

    That Mob 47 sticker is soo cool yet so random. I mean they must have just made a few of em on a photocopier and then showed em inside a records? Pretty cool stuff there…

  2. Bones says:

    You should sell them on here not ebay. I do like the Mob 47 7″, But a monkey can photocopy stickers.

  3. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Well I don’t have the time to install an auction script so eBay it is.

  4. helmut says:

    I want that mob 47 record bad.I am not an e buyer.If you e mail me the top bid i’ll top it by at least 25%think about it please

  5. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Sorry it have been sold.

  6. Åke says:

    The sticker was in the first 466 copies of the EP.
    They were all made by hand…No fucking photocopier here…D.I.Y..

  7. Fellipe says:

    Please answer me the price of the Jermz one on my email ok?

  8. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Sorry Fellipe it was a long time since I sold or traded these away.

  9. Hi

    I produced the Martin and The Brown Shirts 7″ single “Taxi Driver” c/w “Boring.”

    I have one copy of the UK release on Lightning Records.

    I also have The S=mith EP “Here comes my baby” that I produced for Rarn Records.

    ANy offers?


    Graham Sclater
    Tabitha Music Limited

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