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Fastbacks – S/T 7″

Duff McKagan who later found fame in one of the worst bands in the history of music: Guns N Roses bangs the skins here. I’m tired like an ass since I’ve helped my mother to move. It only took one … Continue reading

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Minor Threat – In My Eyes E.P. 7″

Ha ha a post of Minor Threat. Dude, it’s not rare and easy available everywhere. Yeah, it’s true that the music is easy available but not the record plus it’s spring time here in Sweden and I’ve spinned this a … Continue reading

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Razar – S/T E.P. 7″

Second release by Australias the Razar.To me this is as good as their firts posted earlier on here. My favourite track by ’em can be found on this piece of plastic: Shutdown Countdown. Sounds almost like Darby Crash gone down … Continue reading

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Problem – S/T 7″

Swedish punk sung in the southern dialect skanska makes up for a special treat. Sounds more desperate and obnoxious. Problem goes through punk in Va har jag gjort?, 60s flavoured powerpop in Jag vill inte ha, good ‘ol rock in … Continue reading

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eBay punks rule!

Got a small batch of rare records up for sale again: You’ll find stuff like: Platinum Blonde – super rare first 7″(yes I got a spare copy) Proud Scum/Terrorways – very rare OZ split from ’80. Raw and wonderful(spare … Continue reading

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