Eyes – Taqn 7″

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For completist reasons I just have to upload some classic Dangerhouse stuff. You don’t mind don’t ya? Most of you know this but hopefully someone who’ve been hiding under his cock(rock?) have missed it. Dickiesque as hell but I don’t mind at all. Most people prefer TAQN and it’s a great song but for Idi Amins sake don’t let the equally great Topological Lies slip you by.

Did you know that Joe Ramirez later joined Slayer? Changed his name though.

Country: USA
Year: 1979
Label: Dangerhouse
Format: 7″
Topological Lies.mp3

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18 Responses to Eyes – Taqn 7″

  1. flaechenbrand says:

    SLAYER!?! Really? Under which name? Tom Araya?

  2. flaechenbrand says:

    SLAYER?!? Really? Is it Tom Araya?

  3. Anti-Hero says:

    hey man. what a great idea to put this classic on the web today! You are awasome!!!! tHANKS A LOT !!!

  4. fred says:

    April Fools a day late?

    Joe Ramirez is on a bunch of records, like the Black Randy LP.

    No one is credited on the EP for the great hispanic punk group, The Brat (except Exene for the liner writing), but that is Joe Ramirez and sounds a lot like the Eyes.

    Favorite Eyes tunes are Don’t Talk to Me (with Charlotte Caffey singing around the same time she was dating one of the Dickies) and Kill Your Parents with Ramirez singing. Hey that might have made a good Slayer tune!

  5. ole fatass says:

    taking a (right) qualude now!

  6. Ric says:

    Does anybody know why they made the front cover of this single just with the photo of this girl, whom on the back they even give credit to as being a model? It always puzzled me why Dangerhouse did not ever show a photo of the band and not the photo of some frumpy girl. Maybe this band was ugly but really all of the Dangerhouse sleeves were not so amazing.

  7. brian says:

    Exactly! This is the worst Dangerhouse sleeve ever. It makes it look like a 90’s record cutey-band indie record. They shouldve put a big group of punks on ludes all passed out. That I’d hang on me wall.

  8. brian says:

    PS: I think you’re lying about the Slayer connection. I TOTALLY think you’re lying!

  9. phlegm says:

    my girlfriend thinks they’re saying, “take a qualude bath.”

    i love the guitar solo (or lack thereof) on “taqn.” seems like every thing dangerhouse put out had an effed up guitar solo like this one. it never gets old though.

  10. IM says:

    Could you please upload the 10″?

  11. Artifix Greg says:

    Why don’t you buy the 10″ cheapskate!

  12. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Upload the 10″?? No way. It’s just released and available from Artifix:
    Don’t be such cheap asses.

  13. IM says:

    Actually I bought it but don’t have anything to play it with which sucks (been trying to get player) just want to hear the bonus tracks

  14. IM says:

    Nevermind then

  15. dontbeasquuare says:

    i downloaded it at soul seek for free! suckerss

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