The Cortinas – Fascist Dictator/Television Families 7″

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Ok, this site ain’t dedicated to more known bands no matter how good they are. But some known bands just needs to be posted. The Cortinas is one of them. And another reasons is that it’s great to pull in them known bands when I don’t have the time to write something worthwhile(as if I ever have ha ha) cause you can find just about everything about them just by googling or yahooing. This is punk with a lot of swinging rock in it. Over the top song writing makes this one of my faves from 1977.

Country: UK
Year: 1977
Label: Step Forward
Format: 7″
Fascist Dictator.mp3
Television Families.mp3

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19,170 Responses to The Cortinas – Fascist Dictator/Television Families 7″

  1. Johan says:

    did your boyfriend break up with you? you been posting alot lately, wich is good. Finally a single I have :) a good one to.

    keep up the good work

  2. Tony says:

    Nice posting! I’ve loved this record for years! So catchy!! Ya, unknown bands own the market on good music- some of these “known bands” actually made a few decent records! Imagine that, all you stamp collector “I-don’t-get-a-hard-on-unless-only-three-copies-exist” types. In yo face!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hey, known bands are people too! I have Defiant Pose, but hadn’t ever had the pleasure of hearing this. Thanks!

  4. One of my ’77 favs too, Peter! Pity about the LP on CBS.

  5. Jay Thurston says:

    Fuck yeah! This record is great, and yes, the album was a piece of shit!

  6. 894900 says:

    when i started to collect 4 years ago, when i was 16 this was one of my favs! This was a rare vinyl for me to have 4 years ago, all my school dinner money went on buying records! now i have all the cortinas records

    shame about the lp, some tracks are ok.


  7. 894900 says:

    i jsut put on there lp again, its not that bad. i would have been amazing if it the same feel as the to first 7″


  8. Schralpsie says:

    I always get “Fascist Dictator” confused with
    “Rebel” by the Viletones. They sound very similar
    at first.

  9. joel says:

    hi i have the seven inch and was wondering if it was worth anything?

  10. JOSH says:

    YES! what a record and from a band who lives in the same town as me, why isent music still like this?

  11. Dave Milner says:

    Just stumbled onto this site and thought I wonder if theyve got TeleVision Families and there it is in all its glory….saw them loads , had this and well its fantastic still……time seemed so good then and every night into london to see a band… whizzed up and ready to go!!!

  12. Dave Milner says:

    Loved hearing it again so much….made a video of the song
    Can be seen @
    cutnpaste this!!!

  13. Mojo says:

    Television Families is a lost gem. It reminds me of Remake: Remodel by Roxy Music (individual riffs)

  14. sir hake says:

    cortinas one of the best punk records ever do you remember 77

  15. perfecta combinación de punk y r&b, a mi siempre me pareció que podían colar en cualquier lista de pub-rock tardio.
    Estuvieron en contacto con polydor records e incluso llegaron a grabar dos temas en el estudio de la compañia con peter wilson como ingeniero ( que les produciría su finalmente su debut), pero al final se decidieron por un nuevo sello, step forward records, creado por miles copeland (hermano de stewart copeland de the police) y mark perry (editor del fanzine sniffin’ glue); siendo su single la primera referencia del sello.
    Editado a principios de junio de 1977, el single fue un verdadero éxito, vendiendo la friolera de 20.000 copias. Con un sonido crudo y bastante básico, tiene todas las cualidades que hicieron transcender el nuevo sonido (aunque también tiene muchos de lo que serían los estereotipos del punk).
    Aunque el tema de la cara A ‘fascist dictator’ es el más conocido, en parte tambien porque juegan con la ambiguedad de la primera época:
    “i’m a fascist dictator, yeah that’s what I am
    i’m a fascist dictator, I ain’t like no other man”
    ya que no es un tema que hable de politica, sino de amor.
    Pues si ‘fascist dictator’ es bueno, el tema de la cara B, ‘television families’, lo es tanto o mejor.
    Ambas tocadas con ganas, desprendiendo mucha energia!

  16. Anonymous says:

    one of these guys later moved to Berkeley or Oakland in the late 80s- early 90s !
    I used to love this single…one of ther first punk discs I ever bought

  17. Corpus77 says:

    If you want to hear the LP in the same mold as the singles you need to get hold of a copy of the demo version of the LP, which woz released by a Bristol Company a few years ago. Its totally top notch !

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