The Saints – I’m Stranded 7″

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In my world the Ramones – Blitzkrieg Bop was the first punk 7inch released in June(?) 1976. Then these sleazy aussie guys hit the world in August 1976 with this. One of my all time faves. Can’t listen to I’m Stranded enough. 500 pressed on their own Fatal label before Harvest signed them and quickly released it again with a sleeve. My copy is scratchy and nice.

By the way I haven’t figured out who’ve written the stuff on the b-side. Anyone?

Now over to some real content:
Like a snake calling on the phone
I’ve got no time to be alone
there is some one coming at me all the time
babe I think I’ll lose my mind
’cause I’m stranded on my own
stranded far from home
I’m riding on a midnight train
& everybody looks just the same
a subway light it’s dirty reflection
I’m lost I don’t have a direction
I’m stranded etc etc
Look at me looking at you
there ain’t a thing that I can do
you are lost your mind is a whirl
baby such a stupid girl
I’m stranded etc etc
Livin’ in a world insane
they cut out some heart & some brain
‘been filling it up with dirt
do you know how much it hurts…
to be…stranded etc….

Stranded I’m so far from home
Stranded yeah I am on my own
Stranded why don’t you leave me alone

Country: Australia
Year: 1976
Label: Fatal
Format: 7″
I’m Stranded.mp3
No Time.mp3

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  1. Man, The Saints! They keep planning shows in the NYC area and then cancelling… It’s a bummer!

  2. Jay Thurston says:

    The Saints are my wife’s all time fave band. I was enjoying “I’m Stranded” and here she comes, running in here, saying “fuck yeah!. Thanks. I also love the snaps, crackles and pops…it shows this record was loved!!!!

  3. fernando says:

    Great! The Saints are so good it hurts. No time (which has one of the greatest punk solos! if you know what I mean) was written by Bailey & Kuepper. But I guess what you’re asking about is the handwritten stuff on this copy’s label… there I haven’t a clue. BTW thanks for the Chainsaw repost.

  4. tedro says:

    Saints, yeah right, best ever punk single together with Damned “New Rose”. Way better than over rated Ramones….

  5. fred says:

    Other rekkids from ’76, Crime’s 1st 45, the Low Numbers 45, Runaways first LP, I think.

    The Wino’s “Beauty Queen” 45 was from 1973 and that’s a punk record. They all wore leather jackets, before the Dictators and Ramones.

  6. adamski says:

    Very, very under-rated & just goes to show that punk was breaking out all over the world at the time. Two great tunes. Their first 2 lps are fantastic, too.

  7. mrpoopy says:

    If I were to be stranded on a desert island and could only grab ten records the 1st Saints LP would be one of them. Anyone notice the Aussie version of the 1st LP sounds a little different on a couple songs than the one that came out in the States? Or am I imagining things? Thanks for the lyrics!

  8. timmythepunk says:

    Criminally ignored by even college radio upon release, The EMI version of STRANDED was the first taste of punk for most Australians in December 1976,Blitzkreig Bop and New Rose singles were available in OZ the following month.Definitely among the ten best punk 45s ever.I recall the bands early Australian 77 shows were a little thiner but faster than the sound on the single,this is proven by the release of the Live at The Paddington Town Hall video in the mid 90s. I believe this April 77 show and a Chris Bailey Saints 1981 line up show are being prepared for DVD release in the near future

  9. Al says:

    Yeah what a great single & what a great site – I used to have a copy of I’m Stranded can’t remember what label though (I do know it was one of the more ‘common’ releases)

  10. zip says:

    Looks like side B is signed “love, Ivor”.

  11. Degenerateen says:

    I’ve got my Saints badge on! GREAT band/single!!

  12. Brian from Brisbane says:

    I remember first seeing the film clip as a 12 year old in 1976. This song changed my whole outlook to music and life in general from that point in time. 31 years later the song is just as powerful as it was when it was released. The original line up of The Saints are reforming for a gig in their hometown for a celebration of Queensland music in July. Can’t wait!

  13. Terry says:

    To Alley with lots of love Ivor … (?)

    That’s how I interpret it, The Saints are great by the way.

  14. Gary says:

    I’ve an EP by the Saints on I think the Moor Label of a live show on Brisbane Radio 1977 (I think) playing Erotic Neurotic, Demolition Girl and Ostralia – and yeah, they were way faster than on the records especially Ostralia it sounds like a completely different song to the LP Version – I’d upload it if I had a reocrd player!

  15. Dave Hawkins says:

    I have just aquired a collection of 100 singles in the collection is a white labeled copy of the Saints on the Fatal label. The collection has not been played for twenty years so I am hoping this is a genuine copy does any one know outthere where I can get this item authenticated?

  16. Marmiteboy says:

    Thanks for posting this. I’ve not heard this brilliant record for many years.


  17. Kiss My Machine says:

    I have to put together a 10 song soundtrack for Robinson Crusoe for my English class. This is definitely on it!

  18. Smokey says:

    I can’t get enough of The Saints…and they put out so much I don’t have too.

    I wish they got more recognition…

  19. For what it’s worth (probably not too much), THE SAINTS “I’m stranded” was considered 3rd most important album in the australian rock history. See here:,22049,24417294-5001021,00.html

  20. Jay Thurston says:

    Who cares about the “3rd most important album in the Australian rock history”, when it is the 1st most important album in this household. As I have stated many times before. The wife loves this band!!!

  21. SwePete says:

    A very strange list that was indeed……Hmmmm
    AC/DC without Bon Scott and Triffids Calenture???? BTW it´s a shame Chris Bailey is so full of him self, great singer, oh yes but…….

  22. Jay Thurston says:

    Celibate Rifles are the second greatest band out of Orstralia. Oops…I mean, the Bee Gees :)

  23. SICKNICK! says:

    The Saint are awesome on record!!…But now-a-days ive heard they are “drunk and terrible” but hey! Nothing Gold Can Stay right???

  24. Vicbitter says:

    Have any of you heard the Saints “Most Primitive Band In The World: Live From The Twilight Zone Brisbane 1974” Its a legitimate release from 1995 on Hot Records in Australia. It has most of the hits from the first album. Albeit a little slower, but the elements are there.

    I remember reading an interview with Ed Kuepper about how pissed he was about the 1st Ramones record, in that they beat the Saints to the punch with their sound. Ed felt that no one in the world sounded like them and then these upstarts from NYC come in with their LP! Its interesting these sounds came together independently of each other so to say. Brisbane and places like Perth really were like the twilight zone compared to Melbourne and Sydney.

  25. Niels says:

    The handwriting must be by drummer Ivor Hay, the most “approachable” guy in the Saints back then and the one doing most of the promo stuff. Mother of all classics, of course! Did Harvest rerelease this (on single)? I thought it was just Power Exchange (with the Savage Pencil sleeve)…

  26. jame says:

    The hand drawn stick figure is the logo of 60s British TV show The Saint.

    • The Flakes // Drummer says:

      Sorry Jame, I was beeing sarcastic ;). I thought most people interested in this kind of music is old enough to have heard about the TV Show The Saints too.

      • jame says:

        I didn’t realise Swedes did sarcasm ;) I do tend to take internet statements at face value though. Lack of visual context and all that I suppose. I should know better with you rascally old punks. But surely your demographic includes a few kids too? If not they are missing out big time.

  27. Lino Vinyl says:

    No your product/Prehistoric sounds

  28. th0ger says:

    I think it says “For alley(?) with Lost of Love Ivor”

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