Friction – I Can Tell 7″

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Since I have a sweet tooth for some artsy fartsy stuff I do appreciate the a-side. Especially the hypnotic bass line and his “So what? I don’t care!” style of singing. But the real jam and pancake is found on the flip. Recorded live. And what an amazing drum sound they’ve managed to crank out. And the slightly out of tuned guitar finally adds some cream on top of the jam. Their first 7inch is even better.

Tony seems to be more informed then me on the late 70s early 80s Japanese scene so I hope he can fill you up with his always informative and entertaining writing.

Country: Japan
Year: 1980
Label: Pass
Format: 7″
I Can Tell.mp3

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  1. Daphne says:

    Hi there – oh, I love Friction! Had “I Can Tell” but not “Pistol”. Thanks yet again!

  2. JG says:

    Hey! Just a note, cannot download from this site with flashget anymore, have to use the default browser which is freakin’ slowwwww! Placed a blocker there?

  3. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    What is flashget? A plug in for Firefox? Anyway, nothing have been blocked from my side from using that. Maybe the latest upgrade of WordPress have some built in blocker?

  4. Tony says:

    Hey, thanks for mentioning me in the post! This 7″ is probably my favorite Friction record- I also dig both sides. “I Can Tell” is slower but really catchy. “Pistol” is a monster of a song, especially those rapid-fire drums at the beginning of that one. Although I really dig late 70’s Japanese stuff- a lot of which is in the arty vein- some of the other Friction stuff is too artsy-fartsy for me like some stuff on their first LP from ’80. The punkest thing I ever heard by Friction was a wild, non-arty version of “Crazy Dream” that is in the “Tokyo Rockers” movie from ’79. Skip the “Tokyo Rockers” comp LP, though- it’s kinda lame. Do NOT skip the “Tokyo New Wave” comp LP- great stuff on there although the lame S-Ken kinda fucks up the comp from being 100% great. Get both Mirrors 7″s- some of my favorite Japanese records, especially “Out of Order”, the 2nd one. The almighty SS recorded their amazing proto-hardcore record in March of 1979(!) and are atypical of the late 70’s artsy scene. A really wild-ass record, one of my all-time favorites from Japan or otherwise. The Gozira label put out some cool stuff, like the great Mr. Kite 7″ and the Mirrors 7″s but I wouldn’t call them “the Dangerhouse of Japan” like some people have. I don’t know if any label’s output can compare to Dangerhouse’s. [Go here for Paul’s list of Japanese stuff: But anyway… in the 90’s some great KBD-type stuff came out of Japan, including some great one-off 7″s (see the Static Party blog for some of these). Teengenerate ruled the roost in the 90’s and released some monstrous records that must not be missed. Shit, they even outdid the Kids with their cover of “This Is Rock n’ Roll”! I saw Teengenerate here in Chicago in November of ’95 at a cool place called The Empty Bottle right before they broke up- goddammit, what a great show. Some songs from that show were released on a live Teengenerate EP on the VML label. It’s an essential record for the sole reason that I can hear myself yelling in the background on it. Hey Peter- I uploaded some Japanese stuff to the FTP a while back– did you get em OK?

  5. Mike Moyce says:

    “I can tell,” which as far as I can tell is the same version from the 1st LP (which kills, and is not quite as arty as the above post would leave you to believe) was produced by YMO’s Ryuichi Sakamoto. there was a friction demo floating around soulseek a while back which was excellent as well. super raw and more “punk” than some of their subsequent releases.

    their 2nd album, “skin deep,” was an atrocious arty mess.


  6. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Hey Tony! Thanks a lot for the lengthy info :). Haven’t checked my FTP lately but will do it tonight. I also have the Cortex live tape ripped for you.

  7. wedge says:

    over at, Friction’s first ep is posted there sometime last summer,and i commented all the info i know on this band there. and youtube has the Friction “crazy dream” video from the “Rockers” movie posted somewhere. both are more RAW punk than this 45, but i also LOVE this 2nd 45 by this band. definately check out this bands 1st s/t LP. originally on PASS label, theres a reissue on Pioneer Japan from like 1985 that is identically packaged & pressed from the same plates & can be found for under $20 if you look around. btw, this 1st lp KILLS & this 45 a-side is the same version as found on the LP, but the re-recorded version of “crazy dream” on this LP is a travesty and is definately a sign of what soon came afterwards- about 7 LP’s of self-indulgent artsy-fartsy noWave SHIT; which tells me how much 1st guitarist Tsunematsu Masatoshi actually meant to this bands sound (he quit in 1980). also worth checking out is a live 10″ from 1980. the sound quality borders on unlistenable, but it is definately worth hearing if you have any interest in this band. another OK release is a CD from the mid-1990’s called “Live In Rome 1982” (or something like that. i only have it on tape). strangely, its really excellent sounding recordings of their more straight-on punk stuff & includes lots of early songs not available elsewhere. somebody up there mentioned a Friction demo. ive never heard of this, but there are at least 2 existing live tapes of the pre-Friction band called 3/3 from ca~1975 floating around out there. im guessing this is what these “demo” recordings might be?? any clarification anyone??

  8. Tony says:

    Thanks for all the additional info, Wedge– are you Mr. Erba? I remember reading a posting of yours about the Lepers a while back and think I made the connection there. I grew up on the West Side. Anyway, I have a 3/3 live LP that someone burned for me a few years back but I cannot remember how good it was (maybe it wasn’t that good if I can’t remember off the top of my head ya know). The same person also burned me the rare Benitokage “Destroyer” EP, and I remember that one being decent. If you’re interested in getting a copy of both, let me know.

  9. wedge says:

    no, im not Erba. been in more than a few bands with him over the last 15 years, but im definately not him. i grew up on the east side(still live there), but ive spent more than my fair share of time out on the west side in the last 25 years… yeah, id like to check out those 2 records you mentioned. no hurry though. ive got so much stuff stacked up over the past few months that i havent been able to listen to yet…arghhh

  10. kbd motherfucker uhh spandex says:

    I’m sad I haven’t commented on this one! IT RULES.

  11. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Glad you liked it spandex.

  12. Greg says:

    Does anyone know any pressing info on the FRICTION “Crazy Dream” 7″ from 1979? What color is the original cover? Is it the dark blue and the bootleg yellow? Also Pass Records reissued it a while back…how can you tell the difference between an original and a reissue??? Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks, Greg/Artifix

  13. discoscheissser says:

    Crazy Dream 7″ep (Pass Records – in association with Georgia , Pass 1003 . Label also states Made in Tokyo ).
    Released 20/8/79′.
    Recorded at AKASAKA STUDIO ON 5th,6th and 9th JULY 79′.

    First press yellow sleeve 100 copies .
    Second press blue sleeve 1000 copies .

    The re-issue from October 2001 is on Skystation/Pass – the original yellow sleeve is nearly 8″ in size so it is impossible to confuse the two issues .

    The “Live ed.79′ 10″ (recorded live at a gig at Kyoto Crucifixion on 16th December 79’but not released until December 80′) although recorded with a portable tape recorder , has a great loud sound , and features all the great tracks off the first 2 7″s .
    There is certainly nothing to complain about with regards to the sound on the live 10″, it is great and raw

    The two Friction studio demos were recorded at Studio Chocolate in Yoyogi Tokyo in May 78′ .
    Both demos feature original guitarist Lapis –
    Tsunematsu did not join until December 78 .
    Both demos(first 6 track,2nd five track) are just primitive early versions of what would become the first and second 7” tracks .
    Friction was great until the end of 1980 .

  14. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Thanks for all the info discoscheisser :). Crazy Dream is in the posting que(just as TT Garderob Senap ;).

  15. Martin says:

    And so is Pizzoar!

  16. discoscheissser says:

    Its a pleasure Mr.Flakes Drummer..this blog is just the best there is – thanks .
    If your’e taking requests…Gollywog,HS Art,Homy Hogs 12″,WBT LP,Rockset,Overslag,Tejp,Homo Electrica, …would be nice : )

    I forgot to mention that this version of “Pistol” is also live from the same gig on 16th December 79′ at Kyoto Crucifixion that the live 79’10″(self released FR-3) is taken from …So that gives you a good idea of how intense and ripping the 10″ is soundwise.

  17. Martin says:

    Hi discoscheisser,
    HS Art is on it’s way, the first Rock Set (which is the only one worth looking for has already been posted here, so just do a search for it, and the same goes for one side of the Tejp 7″), Homo Electrica has been posted by Tony here
    Överslag ain’t very good as far as I can remember, and Peter won’t let me post the WBT LP as he don’t like it.
    Unfortunately I don’t have neither Gollywog’s excellent 7″ or anything with Homy Hogs, but maybe Peter can help you out with those if you’re lucky.

  18. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Thanks for the kind words discoscheisser :). Glad you like the blog so much. About WBT LP no. It’s just too bad. A couple decent tracks that’s all. I had the Gollywog 7″ but traded it away cause it’s really nothing to keep. It’s rare but that’s about it. From what I’ve heard with Homy Hogs it haven’t tempted me enough to get some originals by them.

    • Jan says:

      The Flakes // Drummer: Homy Hogs is great fun.
      Have you heard the ultra-rare Smash Overdose-EP of ’82? It has now been re-released on Peter Jandreus (author of Encyclopedia of Swedish Punk) label Nitskivor. Sounds like a stark raving mad crossing between early D-beat and New York Dolls.

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