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Social Distortion – 1945 E.P. 7″

The sleeves are on loan from Break My Face. I’ve never been a big Social Distortion fan but 1945 have been hunting me for years and years. I love that song. The Stones cover Under My Thumb is not for … Continue reading

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Shoot It Up – Pop E.P. 7″

Even sloppier then their first 7inch posted here some months ago. Trashier recording too. Guess they’ve spent all their money on drugs so they couldn’t afford the studio time. And I don’t mind. No bass here which actually ads an … Continue reading

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Randoms – ABCD/Let’s Get Rid Of New York 7″

Can’t go wrong with them Dangerhouse records. Here’s the first release featuring the Randoms. ABCD don’t do much to me. Pretty dull and too long Dolls/Thunderish boring rock n roll. But the b-side! BUT THE B-SIDE my friends!! Mia madre! … Continue reading

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Attentat – Stila dej inte E.P. 7″

This is a repost from April the 6th 2006. Added more scans, re-recorded and uploaded all the tracks. Originally posted by the TV Eye // Drummer. Here’s one for Tony, the former unpunk business manager! From Gothenburg. The second 7-inch … Continue reading

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KSMB – S/T 7″

KSMB short for Kurt Sune med Berits. Along with Ebba Gron this was the biggest punk band in Sweden late 70s till early 80s. They looked like a full blown “progg” band but played one of the most exciting punk … Continue reading

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