Dieter Meier – Cry For Fame 7″

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Two track punk rock blaster from the land of cheese, cuckoos clocks and one famous growler who also posted this last year. But since this is one of them that can’t be posted enough you’ll get it here too. Backed up by Fresh Color Dieter takes you on a ride that is as classic as classic can be. This gets my vote to be in the Punk Rock Museum of old classics. I’ve always wondered if there’s an intentional fuck up in the first verse by the band.

Country: Switzerland
Year: 1978
Label: Periphery Perfume
Format: 7″
Cry For Fame.mp3
The Hook.mp3

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19,170 Responses to Dieter Meier – Cry For Fame 7″

  1. out of step says:

    thanks for this killer!

  2. Anti-Hero says:

    Thanks for posting this rare masterpice of kbd punk, which has really aged with years and now makes the same thrill as they did in the 80’s. Taking into consideration the lasting character of your posting (the mentioned link issued by Erich is long dead), it will serve for many generations of punks today to recall the old adage.

    best regards and keep rolling!

  3. Such a classic! Still great even on the 500th listen … oh, and soon I will outbid you on that flipper-relaterade svenska singeln on ebay :)

  4. Anonymous says:

    Holy shit!

  5. dylan says:

    oh man. its like my birthday every time i come here. thank you peter, for posting yet another monster… another one im looking for!!! this is one of the best punkrock singles worldwide, hands down! and yeah, that fresh color is a ripper too. who has an extra copy for me???/

  6. Tim S. says:

    Great stuff! Hows about the other singles?!!
    Havent heard them and would love to…
    your pal

  7. zingapoor says:

    great, have been looking for this gem for quite some time.

    is everybody aware that this is Dieter Meier, mastermind of the Swiss techno pioneers “Yello”?

  8. Michael B. says:

    I love this. Since I got it I’ve been doing a shitload of research to find out all I could on Dieter Meier and all his works. I first heard his work with Fresh Color, and loved that too. Unfortunately, I can’t find any lyrics ANYWHERE.

    can someone help me out?

  9. dengeneratEen says:

    Tops shit! This record practically obliterates your brain, normal shock shattered minds. A+

  10. Nathan G. says:

    Wow! What a killer tune. Many thanks for rattling my ears by a cry for fame!

  11. EVO says:

    Yeah, Cry For Fame is really really good. I want some cheese… Let’s go skiing!

  12. sir hake says:

    yeah is hot punk rock i have it for long time for 1mark on a flohmarket from aold hippy founded this was agreat time for rar records so manny people have it hot shit but nobody cant that great rarities fresh colour nasal boys tnt sperma etc old great punk pearls from the last 30years are really cheap for long time in hamburg by record dealers its true.

  13. Nathan G says:

    Many thanks for this absolute shredder of a monster tune!!!

  14. Martin says:

    The hook has to be one of the hookiest songs ever! The bassline, oh the bassline!

  15. Stig Dangerman says:

    My K-mart receiver from 1902 is failing (my parents were a poorer version of Trayvon Martin’s) and I’m down to one channel. Not sure which is left/right in the audio-fag world, but the speaker on my left is the only one kicking, and, man, the first few seconds of Cry for Fame sound brilliantly shitty, which makes this single even more brilliant!

    BTW, no joke, that motherfucking Zimmerman should fry!!!! I was hoping Varg Vikernes’ girlfriend was purchasing those rifles so Varg could be a contemporary-day Jack Ruby.

  16. CleMitch says:

    I love it I love it I love it I love it I can’t get sick of this single, I’ve been trying for years…
    Oh, to hold a real copy… then I could say I have nice things.

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