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Chuzpe – Charlie Chan 7″

Yeah I know the title track is terrible!! Flip the plastic around and you’ll get Chinese Chive which is a great hectic weirdo synth punk track. Their debute shall be great too but I haven’t heard it. If anyone knows … Continue reading

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Seems Twice – Non Plussed E.P. 7″

Glad midsommar svenskjävlar! How about some artsy fartsy punk rock from Australia? Yes, we like. Like a mix of Wire and Minutemen though I doubt Seems Twice had heard Minutemen as they released their first 7inch the same year. Maybe … Continue reading

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GG Allin – No Rules E.P. 7″

In my opinion this is the last good record GG did. Perfect blend of straight up punk and some hardcore. What the hell does the cover picture? A skull yeah and then some crosses. A scar? One of the ugliest … Continue reading

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Sarah Coffman – S/T E.P. 7″

I’ve seen that there’s a French bootleg label that call them self KBD Records. Sure this blog name isn’t patented and calling it Killed By Death Records is laughable in itself. But as I’ve said before it was just a … Continue reading

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The Mad – Eyeball 7″

Fuck, its been incredible hot here in Sweden. It nearly drives me mad har har. As you might guess, sitting inside and blogging isn’t my favorite thing to do while the sun is shining but right now I have some … Continue reading

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