GG Allin – No Rules E.P. 7″


In my opinion this is the last good record GG did. Perfect blend of straight up punk and some hardcore. What the hell does the cover picture? A skull yeah and then some crosses. A scar? One of the ugliest covers I’ve seen. And it’s not ugly in a good way! Just good damn ugly.

Here’s some words I came up with while thinking about GG: idiot, cunt, dick, duck, suck, cunt, fuck, kill, anus, ass, turd, bird, lard, barn, sperm, licking, shit, finskahoran, handskmannen, bajskorv, fisring, läskpapper, prispress, rea, lantställe, listetta, pantflaska, liberalanal, sill, potatis and freedom.

Country: USA
Year: 1982
Label: Orange
Format: 7″
No Rules.mp3
A Fuck Up.mp3
Up Against The Wall.mp3
NYC Tonight.mp3

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  1. jj.n says:

    Det var nog några av de orden som nästan behövt en förklaring till varför du kom upp med dem :)

  2. sgm says:

    Leave Handskmannen out of this, please.

  3. Jay Thurston says:

    When this came out is when I was writing to him. He used to be a nice guy and send me free records…I don’t know what happened after that. Oh, that’s right, he became a total jackass. Oh well.

  4. Georges Leno says:

    Jay, you told that story countless times now, it,s enough, we know you “knew”. You’re the jackass.

  5. Georges Leno says:

    Jay, you told that story countless times now, it’s enough, we know you “knew” him. You’re the jackass.

  6. Lantstalle? Hm, far mig mer att tanka pa TVs som har slutat att fungera, daliga tyska deckare och sandar lyx hamburgare fran sibylla som ar gjord av alg-kott. Mums mums.

  7. Jay Thurston says:

    Hey Georges, that wasn’t very nice, but it was funny! Actually it was funny the first time…the second time it got kind of old. Good job, dildo!

  8. mrpoopy says:

    I’d replace “idiot” with “mentally ill”. The dude had real problems fueled by a bad environment and a series of bad decisions. I always found the whole GG saga totally entertaining regardless of his idiot fans, although where his music started to “suck” is a matter of personal taste (I like it all). I’ve spoke with a few people who knew him in his early days and the story I’ve been lead to believe is he started slipping mentally after his divorce and just kept going downhill to the bitter end. People who bashed the guy for being “unoriginal” missed the point–the guy was hilarious!

  9. Tony says:

    I cannot get into these early GG Allin records although I know a lot more people who can. To my ears, some of it sounds kind of cheesy. Maybe it’s GG’s singing style at the time. But that’s just me. “No Rules” is kind of good to me. I used to have a copy of this EP, actually I found 6 or 7 old stock copies in an Ann Arbor, Michigan record store for $1 each back in 1996. I shoulda bought them all, oh well, I was kind of broke at the time and had a pile of about 20 other records to buy that day. Someone a few years later told me that Tesco Vee of the Meatmen used to be a buyer for the store back in the early 80’s so thus the good stockpile of early 80’s records I found there (1st Mob EP, Lost Generation EP, this EP, etc, etc). They were under some obscure table in some filthy, neglected boxes. Which was good for me. Jay Litchfield wrote a very interesting piece about early GG in the always great Terminal Boredom online zine- go here:

  10. mrpoopy says:

    That article is nice–thanks, Tony.

  11. Jag laste pa Sorlings blog att man skulle kunan fa tag i V/A Absolute Music har men tyvarr sa hittar jag dem inte. Har sokt overallt pa sidan…MVH Glad midsommar etc

  12. wedge says:

    gg is/was a fake. sure, that “dirty love songs” 2LP is essential PUNK, but the dude was a freakin’ FAKE!!! c’mon already!!

  13. Erich says:

    As the False Prophets wisely put it: How to tell a genuine false prophet …

  14. fred says:

    I got this and many of his early magic marker sleeve art records at Rhino Records in the new bin circa ’84, they had one of each. Hadn’t known about GG, but I was on a punk record collecting jag and this record you posted was the first of them that I tried.

    Many of the records were dog-eared as they were sitting in the bins unwanted, some for years. Even got the paper sleeve version of Eat My Fuc, my favorite GG record. To my ears that has the best of his singing, his best lyrics and the wildest shit-sound.

  15. fred says:

    Oh, funny GG-related story, when I moved to hippie Boulder in the late ’80s, I put “Dirty Love Songs” on a 90 minute cassette labeled “Led Zeppelin Bootleg” so I could always get it cranked at stoner parties. The LP fit perfectly on the tape,leading me to beleive that is how GG submitted it to New Rose and would explain the mild drop outs on the recordings.

  16. Ollie Stench says:

    I hung out with GG for a few hours when he played Minneapolis in 1987. This was before he went to prison. He freely admitted that he started the whole stage show thing as a schtick to set himself apart from every other dipshit in a leather jacket.

    After he went to prison he started tot take himself and his public image seriously. That’s when I lost interest.

  17. Hardison Collins says:

    – Somebody didn’t get enough love as a child!

  18. mrpoopy says:

    Some guy who worships Jap crap is bitching about fakeness? If entertainment is supposed to carry into one’s personal life its news to me. His “act” was entertaining and funny as hell and no “bad boy” rocker has touched him since. The fact that he started taking it “seriously” made it that much better. Point out a punk act that’s “real” so I have a barometer to measure against. People really act like they do on stage 24 hours a day? Maybe Wesley Willis and Hasil Adkins were fake, too. As I said ealier, all idiocy aside, GG had some legitimate problems to help him along.

  19. Walter Melon on mescaline says:

    the reason everyone hates on GG IS POOPY!
    you can’t be cool covered in poopy, you can’t eat poopy and be suave, you can’t dance the watusi covered in poopy without the poopy overshadowing the watusi. Poopy and a little peter are GG’s two trademarks and the reason he was what he was.

    Forget GG’s family life, it was the TINY PEEPEE that made GG go nuts! and according to Lisa Suckdog GG was a “mostly in the closet homosexual”. GG looked at his tiny peepee and it made him feel like a baby so he did what babies do and played with his poopy, and to GG the poopy when in turd log form looked like a Freud style shit phallus and being a “mostly in the closet homosexual” GG took the logical step forward and put the poopy in his mouth.
    Why did GG hit himself? because he ate poopy wouldn’t you hate yourself if YOU ate poopy?

    Here is how it happened
    GG sits on the toilet one day and takes a poopy while looking at his tiny peepee while thinking “that sure is one tiny peepee alright”, he gets up off the toilet without flushing and sees the poopy log floating in the bowl and his homo urges tell him “Oh WOW that poopy looks like a big brown peepee, oh boy I sure would like that in my mouth!” he puts the poopy in his mouth then realizing what he has done shakes his fists in rage and says “Oh nooooo! I just ate poopy!!” and he starts punching himself in the face POW! POW! POW! Continue this cycle until death.

  20. Georges Leno says:

    Wedge is poser anyway. I saw/see him with his shitty bands many times in the Ohio region. Most people think he is a fat idiot which he is. He just happen to collect “punk” records but he is not punk himself. Just an imposter. People laugh at him as he is a big headed moron.

  21. Dallas lard maker says:

    Who’s a bigger bad ass GG Allin or Bobby Soxx?

  22. Chris Machine says:

    Bobby Soxx!

  23. arzy says:

    Soxx %100, i heard that when gg used to hang out at the mondo video parking lot he would start fights with people and lose every time

  24. Simon says:

    “Wedge is poser anyway. I saw/see him with his shitty bands many times in the Ohio region. Most people think he is a fat idiot which he is. He just happen to collect “punk” records but he is not punk himself. Just an imposter. People laugh at him as he is a big headed moron.”

    Well, that poser sure was turning me onto a million great punk bands fifteen or more years back, from unknown Eastern European ’70’s obscurities to the most vicious of Japanese thrashcore, as well as playing on and releasing as many great records as anyone I know. If knowledge, endurance, generosity and killer fucking taste makes a poser, I’m happy to be one too.

  25. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    There will always be assholes who haven’t done a thing in their life that will always be jealous at people like Wedge etc cause they manage to do something instead of talking.

  26. Jay Thurston says:

    Yeah, Wedge rocks! Leave Wedge alone or we will pop you like a zit!

  27. stinky82 says:

    very good record…I love it, what I cannot say about stuff from 2nd half of 80´s and the rest, all shit…

  28. Lee says:

    This is one of my favorite 80s punk records, ever. The dude kicked ass, but then he started to ride the short bus. The only other person who could match him in badness is Sakevi from GISM. I mean, the dude had ties to gangs and randomly attacked people on the street.

  29. freddy bob says:

    yeah but soxx cut half a dude’s face off with an ax and decorated his walls with the pieces

  30. freddy bob says:

    and held his grandparents hostage at gunpoint on christmas and had the swat team after him

  31. zigobo says:

    has anybody heard that thing about sakevi denying that it’s really him in that movie robinson’s garden and saying that it was actually someone who stole his identity, apearence, name etc?

  32. Shawn says:

    When I think of GG, I always think of the infamous sqirt of Diarrhea video from his first San Francisco show. That being said, though, His older stuff was generally great rockin’ stuff.

  33. Evan says:

    Hahaha my mom’s band opened up for him. thats weird. She opened the night he shoved a banana up his ass and threw chairs at people, crapped onstage, and got arrested. Hahahahahaha

  34. Jay Thurston says:

    Evan, did your mom eat the banana??? Just curious. :)

  35. hopeless13 says:

    gg is the shit thats the bottom line a punk icon

  36. Dan(iel). says:

    Shit,skateboarding and listening to the Geeg(as we called him)as a kid went hand and hand….as an adult something’s never change.

  37. elliott says:

    i don’t think he was mentally ill i think he represents what punk was supposed to represent freedom. he did whatever he did because he wanted too. i love everything he recorded even the malpractice single. but his last album brutallity and bloodshed for all has to go down as one of the greatest punk albums of all time!

  38. elliott says:

    i don’t think you can compare hitler to gg. i’m just saying i like his stuff. this is a really good record. i like everything he’s done. in fact gg was how i got into punk and it was his later stuff. i remember thinking what the fuck is that noise and how can i buy a coppy? then i did. so that’s why i hold his music in such high regard.

    • The Flakes // Drummer says:

      Sure I was exaggerating. Just find it hard to glorify a persona that hurt other people in the name of his own freedom.

  39. kim kardSHIan says:

    i get a hard on now

  40. zach says:

    i can’t believe gg used to be so great. this is just fantastic stuff, thanks for the up!

  41. eatmyballs says:

    I prefer GG’s later stuff.. the recording quality is crap though, which takes a lot away from the performances.
    This EP is just juvenile and not assholey enough.. I have no desire to listen to these songs agaon

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