Help John Stabb

John Stabb from Government Issue was attacked by some maniacs. You can help him out to pay his medical bills:

“On Tuesday, 7/17/07, our dear friend John Stabb was physically assaulted, just a block away from his home, by a group of 5 teenage thugs. John will be undergoing extensive facial surgery and an undetermined hospital stay (hopefully short, fingers crossed here).”

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  1. Mike says:

    Did they ever catch the jerks that did this???

  2. Jay Thurston says:

    Someone keep us posted on John’s recovery…that motherfucker gave to us when we needed music. How about giving back. Those fuckers that attacked him hopefully will get theirs. Reminds me of a song…Teenager in a Box…

  3. Hillary says:

    A bit late. But what the fuck. I have beaten up too many to name, i’ve got beaten up too many times too. I pulled my gun way too often, got aggressed too by many jerks. But that’s life, that’s the struggle. Why do they always want to raise money for members of long ago gone bands. I never was in any famous band. I had to pay for my new teeth all alone. Nobody raised money for me. I had to pay for my broken bones too. Everybody wants to start a revolution, but no one has the balls to stand for their believes. Fuck that. It’s still called hardcore, isn’t it. And hey, it ain’t my problem if the USA has enough money to bomb innocent people all over the world, but not enough for social security. Silly humans.

    • toki wartooth says:

      hillary, you probably should have kept your fat mouth shut, then you wouldn’t have gotten the beat down,and pulling a gun? ok coward,thats the biggest pussy move there is.and as far as the usa bombing people, they probably deserve it.dont make someone who has given us great music,turn into something about you (unknown loser).later dumbo.

  4. Erich says:

    I pray for all of you!

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