Rich White Males – We Ain’t No Musicians E.P. 7″


“Don’t wanna practice or get any better. Or hang around in the Guitar Center.” great opening line and a great song. Especially the chorus with its little clever hook. Fuck, they might be musicians! Angry Samoans comes to mind primarily on Barf. That sneering vocals reminds me of someone who’s name I’ve forgotten. One really cheesy track: Bum. A great debut from a band that I bet will be too skilled to live up to their debut title until the next release.

Rich White Males on MySpace.

Country: USA
Year: 2007
Label: Punk N Junk
Format: 7″
We Ain’t No Musicians.mp3
Sellin’ Drugs.mp3

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19,170 Responses to Rich White Males – We Ain’t No Musicians E.P. 7″

  1. Erich says:

    Haha – you’re welcome anytime, sugar! And enjoy the bit of fame you’re getting. It won’t last.

  2. DEGEnERatEeN says:

    Cool shit. I’m easy to please though. Fuck guitar shredders!

  3. Jay Thurston says:

    Yeah, Degenerateen knows good music. I told you Erich, it’s like ’78 all over again. I’m telling my mom on you Erich…you keep hurting my feelings.

  4. Erich says:

    Hurting others feelings is just like 78, sweetie. You should know that.

  5. Milky says:

    The uncensored lyrics to Rich Whites’ “We Ain’t no Musicians”

    “Don’t want none of them vaginas!
    Ain’t gonna flirt with no waitress
    In no all night dinner!”

    “I won’t let the image of nude female into my head
    I’ll stay at home and jerk my pud to Right Said Fred*!”

    “We ignore all that Frisco gash
    Cause baby, we’re twinks!
    We take it up the ass!”

    “We aint’ no musicians!
    We’re FAGS.
    From SanFAGcisco
    We let truckers squeeze our bags
    We ain’t no musicians!
    We’re FAGS.”

    “Well you don’t like us
    We don’t like you
    But, we’re all together
    To huff each other’s
    Rich White goo”

    “We were raped by our parents and got VD. IT SUCKS.
    We paid for our record slurping pricks
    and having hairy fists plunged deep into our butts!”

    “We’ll take it all the way baby, We go far!
    We stink of Vaseline
    And have finger-nails scars on our anal walls!”

    “We aint’ no musicians!
    We’re FAGS.
    From SanFAGcisco
    We let truckers squeeze our bags
    We ain’t no musicians!
    We’re FAGS.”

  6. Milky says:

    “Are we not men?”
    “We are Rich White Males!”
    “Are we not men?”
    “We are FAGS!”

  7. mrpoopy says:

    Actually, it’s more like ’76 all over again ‘cuz just about all the new music out there blows! And I can’t believe this thread is still going. Why can’t this guy just admit his band is gay and end this nonsense? Seriously, dude, you might as well be walking down the street in bell-bottoms and a fucking tie-dye.

  8. SwePete says:

    Just one question. You don´t like the music O.K.But why all this homophobic rant? Are you zealot Christians? Are you Mosleems? Are you Whatnot? Just explain it! Do it! Come on!

  9. Milky says:

    You just don’t get the joke.
    It’s meant to be antagonizing – and hateful- and insult; that, and the words “FAG” and “FAGGOT” are FUNNY.
    SEE “Kids in the Hall” skit BELOW:

  10. Milky says:

    Hateful and insulting, rather.

  11. Rich White says:

    You’d be lucky if I fucked you in the ass. For once you’d have a little rock n’ roll in you.

  12. Milky says:

    Hey Pete, I ain’t ragging on you OK. I’m insulting Rich White- not homosexuality in general. You got to remember that I’m from an incredibly politically incorrect roughneck place- and don’t have the most restrained temper in the world. I ain’t sorry for shit though, cause I’m King-White-Nigger asshole Redneck monster son-of-a-fuck.
    Later gator

    That will be all.

  13. Rich White says:

    Somebody likes me….*(blush)*….

  14. Jay Thurston says:

    Geez Rich, I think Milky needs an old fashioned group hug. I was thinking, Rich, maybe if you changed your musical style…more along the lines, of, let’s say….hmmm…jingly jangly pop music, and changed your name to the Poppios, more people will like your band. What do ya say??? I thought you would agree.

  15. Erich says:

    Tried to listen to the first song again and guess what – this time I made til 0:37 before bursting out in laughter.

  16. corpus77 says:

    Well might as well join in, as everyone else who contributes to this site, has seemed to have given their 10 pence worth.

    well ive got a copy, but unfortuately im having problems playing it as the vinyl is very thick and is getting stuck as it goes round. but dont worry, every time i play it. it gets less stuck !

    long live the EXPLOITED- cheers Corpus 77

  17. zach says:

    there’s a second press of this with different artwork. you can get it here: (don’t bother asking for a first press, i already did and they’re out.)

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