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Anakonda – S/T 7″

From the dark woods of black metal, burning churches and Fleksnes comes this crude and amateurish punk rock oil dripping piece. Clever London Houses would’ve been more talked about if it was released by a UK band I guess. It’s … Continue reading

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Flesheaters – S/T E.P 7″

Does it matter if it’s a first press or not? To some it does. This is the first press which you can tell by the labels being white instead of yellow as on the second press, pressed up in the … Continue reading

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Abba – Money, Money, Money

Edit: There’s a punx curse on both of us: We cannot properly embed the video! In the meantime, go here: Money, Anarchy, Punx This is a joint venture together with Good Bad Music to expose one of the best bands … Continue reading

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Lama – S/T E.P. 7″

Koskenkorva, knifes, sauna, pimples, lakes, forests and a strange and harsh language pretty much sums up Finland/Soumi to me plus a couple of great punk and hardcore bands. Here’s the debut from Lama. I’ve posted their second and third releases … Continue reading

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The Shivvers – S/T 7″

Teen Line is pretty much one of the greatest songs in the history of powerpoop. With members from and related to acts like The Orbits, Lubricants and Haskels. Yeah yeah I read all this here: Shivvers. Considering the Teen Line … Continue reading

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