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Swindled – Products Are Swindled Throughout The World 7″

This is a great two sider! Cheap too! Get it! Underrated? I think so. Ultra thin production and cheap guitar sound makes this a total winner. “If you’re gonna do something. Do it right. Don’t use bullets. Use dynamite.” A … Continue reading

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The Introze – S/T 7″

What do you prefer? Pop Oi!? Ok, put on Doin The Lambeth Walk. Are they taking the piss out of Oi!? Maybe and hopefully. A seriously terrible song that shall immediately be deleted after download. Or do you prefer pop … Continue reading

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The Manson – I Died Four Times…/What Is Her Name? 7″

Allright the b-side sucks worse then a toothless crack whore. But I Died Four Times does live up to the high standard you could expect from an Aussie band. A bit sloppy, a bit false and big bit great. Love … Continue reading

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The Latin Dogs – Warning! E.P. 7″

First posted by the now defunct(?) Something I Learned Today blog. What shall hit you first is the extremly great guitar sound. Fuzzy, messy and cheap. Sounds like it has been amplified through a small 10 Watt Marshall(you know these … Continue reading

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