The Latin Dogs – Warning! E.P. 7″


First posted by the now defunct(?) Something I Learned Today blog. What shall hit you first is the extremly great guitar sound. Fuzzy, messy and cheap. Sounds like it has been amplified through a small 10 Watt Marshall(you know these cigarette package sized ones) pushed up to eleven. The lyrics are composed with care and true concern about inmates, Reagan, animals, tyrants and the usual suspect. A nice punk package for someone getting into punk and its philosophy for the first time.

By the way this is an awesome record! Enjoy.

Country: USA
Year: 1982
Label: Self Released
Format: 7″
Killed In Jail.mp3
World Powers.mp3
What’s Wrong.mp3
Road Kills.mp3
Death To Tyrants.mp3
Go To The Window.mp3

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  1. Erich says:

    Great songs and yeah, very, very smart lyrics from what I can make out. Takes you back to 1129.

  2. Jay Thurston says:

    I bought this when it came out…didn’t care for it and gave it away. It sounds better now, than it did then. Hey, Erich, it takes me back to our first date, sweetie.

  3. Anonymous says:

    i had this downloaded from silt, but its great to see the lyric sheet so i can finally understand all the lyrics, thanks!!!!!

  4. timmythepunk says:

    Guitar sound on Road Kills and Death to Tyrants is awesome, keep these rare singles and epees coming, reposts from the early days more than welcome.

  5. degen' says:

    How many of the band were actually Latin?

  6. Erich says:

    That’s a very important question, degen’. Takes me back to 1929.

  7. Jay Thurston says:

    Erich, I think I love you…you are so retro!

  8. Erich says:

    I don’t think I love you, sorry. You are so dumbo.

  9. Jay Thurston says:

    Hahahaha…can you feel the love??? Hahahaha

  10. Renik says:

    Such a filthy 7- inch. Muy excellente!

  11. The ParadoxX says:

    who need other,s when the latin dog,s here!

  12. jon says:

    degen’ Says:

    November 8th, 2007 at 7:41 am
    How many of the band were actually Latin?

    None of us were and I thought that was going to result in an altercation at an outdoor gig we did. Some quick explaning that the name was not meant to be disrepectful but more in support of the strife in Central America by a more sober Alan saved the day.

    Sounds like it has been amplified through a small 10 Watt Marshall(you know these cigarette package sized ones) pushed up to eleven.

    It was a Marshall stack w/some distortion pedal recorded w/ a Electro Voice RE20

  13. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Thanks for dropping by Jon and thanks for some great music!

  14. Gio_Hate says:

    Do you know how many pressing exist of this EP?
    Because I’ve seen two different covers, with a different photo on the back of the cover.

  15. Rubber Man says:

    Battle Creek Punk Rock will KICK YOUR ASS!!! Good to hear this after so motherfucking long!!!

  16. Alan says:

    500 copies. The printer went bankrupt while our covers were on press. I would estimate the first 350 copies were from that run. The other 150 had had a different layout.

  17. Rubber Man says:

    Yhea..I had one Alan!! Remember Hank’s Hideaway?? Got kicked out for underage drinking!! Turned 21 three days later! Best fuckin’ night of my young life!!

  18. Rubberman says:

    I have been listening to this over and over since I have discovered it online!! Too bad I can’t download it….I’d love to take this on my bike trips during weekends!! Memories!! My first Punk record and my first Punk show!! ( Never mind the bollocks doesn’t count coz’ I stole that!! I actually bought this with my OWN money!!) Great Fuckin’ Times Alan and Rank!!

  19. Rubberman says:

    Theres a Live Latin Dogs Gig on You Tube!!

  20. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Rubberman, why can’t you download the mp3s here? Just right click and “Save as…” doesn’t work for you ?

  21. Rubberman says:

    Nope…My Computer is a piece of Shit. I built it…and you all know how much of a complete DOLT I am…I forgot to put in the parts to download when I put in a DVD-Rom so I could read my Lampoon’s…..But not to worry…I’m getting a NEW computer Tower in 2 weeks…and I KNOW it can download!!!! If you “Dogs” would be so kind to check out my son’s music at and leave comments….I’d appreciate it. It’s Rap/Rock…But like NOTHING you have ever heard. He’s livin’ in K-Zoo BTW.

    • The Flakes // Drummer says:

      It’s not a matter if you built the PC or not. It’s a normal feature in every common web browser like IE, Firefox, Safari, Opera etc etc. If someone fooled you into buying a new computer just cause it can “download” I feel sorry for you.

      About your sons music. To be frank it stinks.

  22. Martin says:

    question for Allan, do you know if any of the copies came with a xerox back cover with the insert attached, or is this some sort of replication of a missing back cover? I know you mentioned the printer went bankrupt so wanted to see if this was created by the band.

  23. Rubberman says:

    I didn’t mean download it into the hard drive silly…I meant download it onto a disc. And no one fooled me into BUYING anything. I also built this tower. I’m just going to ignore your comment about my son…because we ALL know YOU have ALWAYS been perfect!! Bwah Ha Ha!! He’s just a KID give him a chance…At least he didn’t turn out RETARDED like his DAD!!! roflmfao!

    • The Flakes // Drummer says:

      Ok you meant burn it onto a disc ;). Just get a decent software that can burn mp3s to a disc. Try I wasn’t criticising your son as a person in case you don’t identify your sons personality with his music. I’ve always been perfect? Thank you :)!

  24. Rubberman says:

    I already DID burn it…In fact I just NOW finished it! Cum on Flakes…You know I’m a sarcastic sumbitch of course I know my son’s music sux cum-pared to what we listened to…But he hasn’t learned that yet…as far as you ALWAYS being perfect?? Well….Remember that night when I came up to you in the garden and said “Kid it’s your night,we’re goin’ for the money on Wilson”? You see on the computer I did have there was no where to burn onto (IE Nowhere to PUT the softwear…It was ancient…NOW I have new computer…you see at the time I built it…I only thought I wanted to JUST get E-Mail….) Well…I’m goin’ for a ride…Thanx for all the wonderful tunes!! And all those wonderful Mammeries,,,ummm Memories!! :P

  25. Rubberman says:

    Is there a proper site that does work that has a downloadable copy of “Love to hate,Hate to Love” By Boom and the Legion of Doom?

  26. Duane Reland Richardson says:

    ok fine i have it on cd now

  27. Nathan G says:

    I swear he is singing “Love Kills” instead of “Road Kills.” Killer tune anyway….

  28. John says:

    Any one got a copy of this 7″ for sale , if so message me –

  29. Rank (Rauk( here!…
    Thanx for all the positive comments!….The fun and dangerous times we had during this period has retarted me forever!……
    I’ll try to answer any LD questions if you have them….
    Here is a blog I wrote a few years ago…some of the dates are wrong……

    ….The music speaks for itself but I thought, since it has been several years; it would be nice to put it in perspective. The Latin Dogs was put together mostly with refugees from other local punk bands, reasonably successful in their own right. Joe had been in the Brain Police and The Itch, John from The Itch as well, and I had been in Funhouse and The Lips Are Back.

    It started out casually at first, but even after it got more serious, it was always fun. There was never an issue of creative control, and we used the best we all had to offer.
    John ‘DA Moose’ and Alan were imposing biker type figures, and in their presence I felt empowered to act out levels of offensive behavior I never knew existed within me, without any fear of reprisals. I am still hampered socially to this day, as a result of this kind of activity. A typical Latin Dog show would begin with local beatnik Pogo Rey, reading from Ginsburg, Burroughs, or Keroack, while we were setting up and tuning. Then, when we were ready, he would announce, “Ladies and Gentlepigs, please forgive, The Latin Dogs….”

    We hit the stage hard, fueled by booze, dope, and adrenaline. The songs were fast and loose, and the kids would mosh (or slam dance and skank, as we called it then). Many kids knew the words to the choruses and would crowd the front of the stage for the opportunity to vocalize when I would shove the mic out to them. The Latin Dogs were interactive.

    I could handily put away a half-pint of whiskey during a performance. Since I led a normally sedentary existence, the jumping around, swearing, growling, sweating, and delivering the gospel according to the LD’s, would push me to near heart attack or stroke experiences. I had episodes on stage with my life is passing before my eyes, while I am trying to deliver our radical extremist views through song manifestos.

    Sometimes I actually got sick on-stage, to the delight of the crowd. While being videotaped for Detroit TV, I turned vomiting on a Newspaper into an editorial comment!

    Invariably a string would break, and either myself or Pogo Rey would read highlighted passages from HOWL. Once in a review of a performance in Ann Arbor, as many column inches were devoted to the poetry offerings as to the musical performance itself. Later, I gave a copy of this to Allen Ginsburg. He was pleased and signed my dog eared copy of HOWL and dubbed it a ‘working copy’

    At a gig in Grand Rapids, Michigan (we were big there) Probably late 1981…. People were pogoing, and the neck of Alan’s guitar hit a fan on the head, drawing copious amounts of blood and breaking the guitar neck…Alan jumped off stage to see if the guy was all right and John ‘The Moose’, thought someone hit Alan, so he charged off stage, pulling his bass amp rig down in the process …he went up to the bleeding guy and punched him so hard they both fell over…

    The guy wasn’t mad and wore his stitches with pride.


    Smelly note: Later we called this guy Toxic Scott and he sure loved the Latin Dogs.


    During a period of few jobs, we hatched the idea of “The Latin Dogs – Tour of Homes”, where we offered our services to play at your house party if it was OK with your folks and your neighbors! This made for many wild and interesting gigs, some of which were neither all right with their parents, or their neighbors, or the police, for that mater. We made ‘Tour of Homes’ T-shirts up and even had them in infant sizes.

    The Latin Dogs evaporated more than broke up. Geography prevented our continuing. Joe moved to San Francisco., Alan to Los Angeles, I Moved to Windsor, Ontario, to finish my engineering degree in Detroit (Wayne State). John married Alan’s sister, started a small family and lives in Small Town, Michigan.

    Here is a list of some songs and some comments:

    Killed in Jail:

    Bootlegged twice recently, on first generation Punk compilation LP’s: Killed by Death – REDRUM records & Bloodstains across the Midwest – Midwest records.

    True story right from the newspaper. Local tuff guy doesn’t survive overnight incarceration for disorderly conduct. Police said they had to beat him into submission because he was high on drugs. Subsequent internal investigation shows no impropriety.

    Road Kills:

    I was driving a service car all over southern central Michigan, fixing pinballs, video games, and jukeboxes, to help put myself through college. I would drive by the same dead animal on the side of the road many times and watched them bloat, collapse, and eventually disintegrate. One time a turkey vulture refused to get off the road while dining on a raccoon and I had to drive around it.

    Go to the Window:

    This song, my personal favorite, was a resting song for the band, but a chance for me to connect with the audience. It was written about, when in El Salvador, the Amerikkkan supported government, would roust men out of their houses in the middle of the night, to be assassinated in front of their families in the street. “Death by the Streetlight, Go to the Window…” Joe always thought I got it from the Beatles movie Help (the scene in the Palace, where the bad guys are setting Ringo up for a red paint bomb), well, I suppose there is an element of that in the phrasing. Alan’s guitar was wired HOT! We tore out the volume control and altered the pickup switch so the guitar had two modes: off or totally on. That machine was alive! You could touch it anywhere and it sounded great. A few years later, when I was teaching the song to another band, they would insist on throwing in leads all over the place. I told them the songs greatness is in its simplicity and subtle dynamics. (They roared with laughter.) I instructed the guitar player to pretend that his fingers were webbed together. I think I heard Alan say that one time. This song could also be about Kristalnaught, or even the current Bush war!

    More Later:

    -Brother/Professor RZ

  30. Monger says:

    Any of the videos mentioned,like puking on the paper still exist?

  31. Martyr Nature says:

    Still have my copy. One of my favorite bands. Loved the lips are back and Eddie and the Wolfgang. These bands brought punk to battle Creek in the late 70s.

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