Punk is dead

This is so fucking funny. I can’t stop laughing. Hell, I get tears in my eyes while watching this. Steve Ignorant backed up by…hmm Pantera? Or is it Metallica? Look at it. Who thought this would happen in the heydays of Crass worship? Here Steve is taking the piss out of everything they delivered. Time to scratch of my Crass tattoos. Ok I don’t have any of them but some old friends have. Feeding of the 5000? Shitting on the 5000!

Big A Little A(the system might got you but it won’t get me HA HA HA HA)

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  1. SwePete says:

    Mr Ignorant is trotting around in deep shit!! But he wanted to be a Rock Hero right from the start….
    Bollocks 2 this!!!
    Gott nytt Peter!! Snackat med Packe om Döden??? :-)

  2. SEW says:

    “Punk is dead”. wow? Really!?

    Are you one of them 45-year old punk polices?

  3. SwePete says:

    ….and it still remains a rotting corpse….

  4. Jay Thurston says:

    I beat the shit out of Steve Ignorant in the late ’70’s and would do it again just for fun…now, I hate him even more. What the fuck is that guy from Metallica playing guitar on that??? Fuck me. I still love my Crass records…is that wrong?? “Bullshit Crass, you’ve been detected”…

  5. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    SEW, do I really need to comment your question?

  6. Pete says:

    Are you retarded? I was there and it was a truly two truly amazing nights bringing back the postive and inspirational energy punk once used to have before people got old and bitter.

  7. Jay Thurston says:

    It was just swell…did Iron Maiden open up??? Hahahaha

  8. Erich says:

    But let’s be honest: The guitarist proves that although Punk is dead – Metal’s alive! Bang your hands!!!!

  9. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    I rather be retarded then get the feeling that this brings back “the postive and inspirational energy punk once used to have before people got old and bitter.” that really made me laugh HA HA HA. Do bitter people laugh? Ok, I guess they do. Punx not dead the new Crass cover band proves it.

  10. dirtmongrel says:

    “postive and inspirational energy punk once used to have before people got old and bitter.”

    hahaha! just admit you’re out of it, old man.

  11. yuri says:

    I think alice bag is probably the only punk left… is that too harsh of a statement?

  12. t.v. party says:

    does anybody have the flyboys ep? self-titled (the one with the flyboys theme song and dear john)?

  13. Jay Thurston says:

    Hey t.v party…it is on CD now. Unless, you only want the vinyl? It is the split with China White…the band that most people hate but I love. The love is in the air…can you feel it???

  14. David says:

    I was photographing a wedding this summer attended by one of Ignorant’s roadies from his “mercenaries” band. The guy had me in stitches about how Ignorant has turned on the sissy punks. Being a very “ex” crasshole I found it pretty funny. Ever notice how we just switched mom and dad bossing us around to Crass? Oh well, there are plenty more folks out there to think for you if that’s your thing.

  15. stinky82 says:

    hmm, I am not so wondering, coz I read interview with Steve maybe 7-8 years ago and he outlined his future way in style like: “if they (SONY or another major label) are going to give you a chance, why the fuck don´t use it?”
    I think it´s sad and lot of us could have a problem with CRASS, CONFLICT etc. honesty in their all time statement. For me, punk is (almost) dead, I am in it mainly for the (old) music.

  16. stinky82 says:

    JayThurston, T.V. party
    yes, this stuff is on Frontier´s CD.

  17. Jay Thurston says:

    I love the CD, myself. I never really enjoyed the Flyboys 12″ until now…I have always loved the 7″….thanks stinky. Ppppp uuuuuu…what is that smell??? Hahahaha

  18. Eq says:

    I don’t really understand what’s so funny or upsetting about that gig. Is it the way they look – bald & old – or the fact that they play songs of the holy crass? Only worshippers would be upset about that.

  19. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Good point IQ ops sorry Eq.

  20. mrpoopy says:

    Well, Crass was a pretty annoying, pretentious band so I think it’s pretty funny but nothing to get upset about. If some kid wants to pay him money for that shit then more power to him at this point in the game. I hear Ian MacKaye is appearing on the next Snoop Dog release.

  21. Jay Thurston says:

    Oh….hell yeah mr poopy! I hope they do some of that Fugazi caca…I hate Fugazi and Scoop Doggie Log

  22. Longy says:

    Fair play to Steve Ig I say. He made alot of people very happy with those gigs. As did the Pistols with theirs. Let us re-live our yoof and let the bands make a few bob. Everybody happy.

  23. Jay Thurston says:

    Yeah, we all must grow up sometime, I suppose…naw, fuck that, I refuse to grow up!

  24. stinky82 says:

    Jay Thurston:
    hey fuckin´ joker, hahaha…No, I´ve changed myself since my girlfriend bought me AXE deodorant, hahaha. No, it´s according to EU´S ARSE bassist´s nickname.
    As for me, I´ve never been into FLYBOYS as well. Even CHINA WHITE is boring in most tracks, just some exceptions I can find on this CD…

  25. Jay Thurston says:

    Oh. come on, stinky! Remember hearing China White for the first time and thinking….”holy shit! this is it…this is fucking incredible?” Take care you stinky bugger…

  26. Apoklnow says:

    Besides the fact Avril is singing Eve’s part in the beginning and besides the whole metal and just awful setting (Flux, Conflict, Cherees, Rudimentary were there????)

    A Crass song is being played live to choreographed lighting. Enough said.

    Curious if there were sponsors for this weekend.

    I’d also think it would be a blast to have Steve introduced by Thatcher.

  27. roman says:

    i don’t find this video funny. embarrasing, disgusting, pathetic. maybe a little bit sad. i wonder what the 1979 version of steve would think/say watching this clip (or “bloody revolutions”, which is even better)….

  28. feeding_of_your_mom says:

    i believe that would be a stratford mercanaries video dumbass.

  29. Middle_School_for_life says:

    A little clarity,the gig gave gobs to charity,so fuck off right there.Also,Flux,Dirt,and I believe Poison Girls & Rudimentary Peni were called up to play again. Plus some new bands, including The Restarts, who are fantastic(punks dead my fat white ass!) Also, to the haters, Only Steve was involved.So all of Crass cant hold “blame”. As for all the hate sent Crass’ way,WHY? They never told anybody what to think, just whAT they thought.They accomplishe a lot of cool things and even wrote a few classic songs. How come people bend over backwards to exonerate crap like Condemned and Skrewdriver, but hate Crass for BEING DICTATORIAL “hypocrates”. Because its easier and more fun to feed on animosity and throw your hat in the ring of war and tribal hate and consumerism than it is to be about peace and tolerance. And this PUSSY will take any of you “free thinkers” on any time. In the immortal words of Ian Mackaye “what the fuck have you done?”

  30. Well I for my part have a picture of the Dalai Lama pinned up on my bedroom wall.

  31. What a shitty band Crass was.
    Low level musicians and vegetarian hippie cunts !!!
    They brought the book of political dictatorship into punk instead of the danger sweat and blood of the true Rock N´Roll Punk Bands .

  32. sir hake says:

    ups baby thats hard i think for 28years was that a god record for all punks in hamburg but this was another time of punk rock and another story im not a beatlejaket.

  33. elliott says:

    i actually like metallica (even new metallica) and pantera. but your right the antisystem man himself playing with a ritch major labal guitarest is just sad. jay did you really beat the shit out of him? he needs another one.

  34. Andy says:

    Shut up you twats! Fuckin’ leave Stevie alone or I’ll have ya!

  35. Andy says:

    …so is that Honey Bane at the start????

  36. Dipshit says:

    Oh Dear!!! Looks like Steve Ignorant finally disappeared up his own arse!

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