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The Red Squares – Ottawa Today 7″

You got to respect a band that opened up for such phenomenal acts like Ultravox, XTC and Fingerprintz(I must post something from this excellent band). And that they gigged with the Bureaucrats is nothing to be ashamed of either. But … Continue reading

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Nukketeatteri – Tervetuloa helvettiin… E.P. 7″

I’m in a finnish mood. Maybe it’s all the sauna I’m doing after the work out at my job. Or maybe it’s the wish for drunken punx with mohawks redesigning my flat to look like a dumpster? Studs on the … Continue reading

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Cosmic Overdose – Observation galen 7″

Like a Swedish answer to Geza X’s The Deadbeats. This has to be one of the most underrated Swedish gems out there. Observation galen is such an instant hit. This is their only “punk” release but from what I remember … Continue reading

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Non Compos Mentis(N.C.M.) – Ultimate Orgasm 7″

As far as I’m concerned few guitarist have used feedback in such a creative way in punk as David Hill of Texas Non Compos Mentis. I have a hard time choosing a fave here. While Ultimate Orgasm just hits you … Continue reading

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Satans Rats – You Make Me Sick 7″

The obscure and unknown stuff is the funniest stuff to post cause hopefully a lot more people will get to hear it and will shake their heads just as I do and think “why wasn’t these guys better known”. Still … Continue reading

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