Non Compos Mentis(N.C.M.) – Ultimate Orgasm 7″


As far as I’m concerned few guitarist have used feedback in such a creative way in punk as David Hill of Texas Non Compos Mentis. I have a hard time choosing a fave here. While Ultimate Orgasm just hits you in the face as the obvious hit Twist The Blades tasteful contrast between the calm verse and the catchy chorus is just as hard to resist.

Their second single is not as good as this but not as bad as it’s reputation and deserves a post later on. If we’re talking THE best song by N.C.M. nothing beats the furious Six Feet Under included on the Sacred Cattle compilation. Check it out and listen to the instant drive of the bass drum! Who needs double bass drums ha ha.

Here’s Break My Face clearing some things up:

Country: USA
Year: 1980
Label: VVV
Format: 7″
Ultimate Orgasm.mp3
Twist The Blade.mp3

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33 Responses to Non Compos Mentis(N.C.M.) – Ultimate Orgasm 7″

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  3. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Forgotten to tell you that Erich at Good Bad have posted this too a long time ago:

  4. Maxageddon says:

    This 7″ is an american classic, one of the favorites that I’ve managed to add to my collection

  5. Definitely one of the bright spots of anything to come out of the Dallas punk scene (along with Bobby Soxx and Stickmen with Rayguns). What I like about this song is that if you listen to the lyrics they’re not really about what you might think they are, and are in fact about something much darker. (Suicide.)

    Or that’s my take, in any event. Clever stuff.

  6. Maxageddon says:

    indeed, my favorite song about suicide as well. Hey oliver, when is a new episode of radio schizo gonna go up

  7. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Yeah the cover tells it all. Oliver a link to Cult Punk coming up!

  8. Michael says:


  9. Jay Thurston says:

    One of my all time faves…although, I seem to say that about all my records….ha! Incredible, especially when I feel suicidal.

  10. mick fang says:

    Twist the blade!!!!! get’s so trippy at the end.

  11. Dylan says:

    At first glance, I had your guys mixed up with these guys:

    But, the date was the biggest clue, not to mention the metallers I was thinking of dropped ‘Mentis’ from there name after their first release.

  12. fernando says:

    “Their second single is not as good as this but not as bad as it’s reputation and deserves a post later on.” – Funny, fact is, there is a post of yours in this blog with that! Btw there is a link there to Eric from SILT, who had a NCM post with this very single and a coupla comp tracks (the downloads there in SILT are still active, or at least they were last week).

  13. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Ha ha how could I forgot.

  14. hdvns says:

    Once you hear it, it’s hard to get out of your head!

  15. Joao says:

    Just for the record: “Ultimate Orgasm” appeared already in one of those “Back to Front” CDs, if I remember correctly published by Incognito Records.

  16. Jay Thurston says:

    Good call, “Drunk and Armed”…good call.

  17. kevsmachine says:

    I played my copy for my kid, he said who is the cover girl…I had to tell him. Terri Jo..She was the hottest…Went to school with her she was rock & roll.Her roommate in school died of cancer. I heard she got right and got married with children…
    Hi if you ever see this Terri Jo im in south Texas still.

  18. Erin says:

    Terry is married with kids and lives in Farmington ,N.M. she is still alive and well .E-mail me and I can send you her E-Mail addy. Erin aka (LOIS LANE)former screecher for (S.G.).

  19. eekahil says:

    Whatever happened to Dave Hill?

  20. Blkpug says:

    Tuesday Jan 13, 2008 at 4:30 David peacefully slipped away in the moonlight with a look on his face like he saw something beautiful on the other side. It was as if wherever he was at the front door of a club where he could hear Ronny Lane playing inside and see Jimi Hendrix standing at the front door handing out “Coodercaster” guitars to jam with the band, all the while George Harrison stamped hands signifying that everyone was able utilize the open bar.

    His art is on display at he painted under name.

  21. Dave Hill (singer, guitarist) passed away on January 13, 2009 from liver cancer. Here’s the story:

  22. ally ramone says:

    hey you guys
    check out great irish band the alturos doing a great cover of NCMs classic cut ‘ i used to know you’ – its awesome !!!!

  23. Roberto says:

    great post,i love all their stuff,a lovely psychopunky drive… nothing in the vault?

  24. bagowire says:

    NCM was intense! dave played better than most even when he was out of it. he kept playing even if he was crashing over. riding his guitar on top of out of control feedback he kept his cool all the while you thought the spazzship was about to take-off. pounding drums from the dolph crisco along with bottom and an aloof aura from the aryan. what a trio. btw i disagree with your critique of other NCM singles. this shit held up then and it holds up know. turn it up and piss off!

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  26. ahmrahtcheer says:

    As a regular at Studio D, The Hot Klub and D3 in Dallas, I frequently had the pleasure of seeing NCM perform live on numerous occasions and very much enjoyed their sound. They were, I feel, the best of the Dallas punk movement in those years. Other local bands (Stick Men With Ray Guns and the Fort Worth Cats, to name two) ended up garnering more attention on the larger scene, but to us hardcore types, NCM was the best of the Dallas lot.

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  28. Actually, i have a hard time trying to hear exactly what the lyrics are on ultimate orgasm. Can anyone help me out?

    • As far as i’ve understand it is about blowing your brains out, but this is good damn singalong song for parties. therefore the cravings for the full lyrics.

      • The Flakes // Drummer says:

        Hope somebody can help you out here.

        • I’ve figured most parts out now, i think. At least enough to do a worthy translation/interpret of the lyrics. today has been very productive. Me and my friend’s project now have full interprets for a good bunch of songs (Rapist in the park – anorexia, Part time punk – TV personalities, Let’s get rid of New york – randoms, and now this one. that makes an EP!).

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