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Active Dog – S/T 7″

In Active Dogs we find some members who later found fame in more known Canadians bands like Modernettes(John Armstrong/Buck Cherry) and Pointed Sticks(Gord Nicholls and Robert Bruce). They have a really great track on the infamous Vancouver Compilation named Fun … Continue reading

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ABKK – Ronny/Morker 7″

Here’s one of those great records that makes you shake your head and wonder if you just heard it or if it was a dream. Ronny is such an amazing song it’s almost unreal. Fast and driving drums, a great … Continue reading

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Village Pistols – Big Money 7″

If there’s such thing as the best of KBD then Big Money by Village Pistols has to be included. Those two chords in the intro coupled with a fabulous furious guitar sound reveal what is about to come. And they don’t let … Continue reading

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The Continentals – Fizz Pop(Modern Rock) 7″

Here’s a real treat for the crust punx, UK82 punx, dis and that punx, nych kids, i-can-only-dig-it-if-it’s-fast-cause-i’m-a-sissy, kbd-punk-is-the-best-cause-the-records-cost-lot’s-of-money-which-means-they-have-to-be-great-punx, all-music-on-major-label-is-crap-cause-that-means-it’s-not-punk and most of all here’s a treat for YOU! Yeah I’m talking to YOU! How does that feel? Too personal? Don’t … Continue reading

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Disco Students – S/T 7″

What the fuck shall I write? I’m not a reviewer. I listen to music and I play music. Reviewer is someone who listen to music and make up words that most of the time fail to describe the music or … Continue reading

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