Rock Set – Pitea Kommun/Up In My Room 7″

As Jay Thurston wanted something new, I thought I should share this nugget with him and everyone else. I don’t really know anything about this band more than the fact that they came from Pitea far up north in Sweden and that Per Gessle stole their name when he formed Roxette. This shows just how evil Per really is and therefor he deserves to live the rest of his life in hell while listening to the not so great song Up in my room instead of the killer Pitea Kommun.

This is the bands first 7″ out of 3, and from what I’ve heard the only one that really kicks ass. Any info about the band is more than welcome.

Country: Sweden
Year: 1979
Label: Frontalrock
Format: 7″
Pitea kommun.mp3
Up in my room.mp3

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19,170 Responses to Rock Set – Pitea Kommun/Up In My Room 7″

  1. Jay Thurston says:

    Thank you for posting a new record. Another fine record for the books. Not as great as Tant Brun…

  2. pär says:

    Piteå Kommun sound tike a soundtrack to a documentry about Stålverk 80.

    np: Gyllene Tider: Leva Livet

  3. pimple punk says:

    Teenage sex song getting their load off.

  4. Jerk Ass says:

    Only info I can provide is I’ve never heard them until now, and they rip. You’re welcome.

  5. Jay Thurston says:

    Jerk ass…you never cease to amaze me with your straight forward, no bullshit comments!

    • Buttcheese says:

      Dont take much to amaze the non drinking non smoking kid hating athletically built Jay Thurston from Red Bluff does it? Tosser!

  6. Erich says:

    Speaking of bullshit: This record’s a load of it. Horrible pub rock.

  7. Damn, am I the only one who thinks Piteå Kommun is one hell of a song???

  8. Anders says:

    This band was run by two guys who made one of sweden’s earliest punk-rock fanzines. It was called Who’s A Punk and I still have some of those 1977-78 issue at home. The were from a pretty small town in northern sweden (PiteÃ¥). I remember the were big fans of the Who an Dr. Feelgood, but thought the Buzzcocks sold out after Devoto left. And I also remeber swapping tapes of Beetles bootlegs for Sex Pistols bootlegs with them. That’s how I first got to hear SPUNK.

  9. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    I guess you like this more in case you understand the lyrics. Pite kommun is decent but really not my cup of tea. The soloing guitar all over the song is pretty annoying and makes it too rock. But wait till I posted You’re full of shit by X-X. That guitar can be pretty annoying too ha ha.

  10. out now at dtfb!

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  11. PiteÃ¥ kommun is fo sho on my top ten list of songs sung in Swedish. I love it! The drumming and bass line especially… I understand what Peter say about the guitar but it’s not a big issue for me.

    It’s been posted here before in a post that a lot of awesome swepunk. Thanks for the b-side though.

  12. Tony says:

    “Pitea Kommun” is a cool song with a neat guitar sound, but since I don’t know Swedish the first time I heard it a few years back I thought maybe they were singing about a commune full of people eating pita bread. I mean, it was the crazy 1970’s when that kind of thing COULD have actually existed, ya know. Jesus, these guys looked like a bunch of hicks though (yeah, I know I got in “trouble” last year when I said the same thing about the Cardiac Kidz posting). The guy on the far left and the far right look like the biggest hicks- the country and western shirt on the one guy and the black wifebeater shirt on the other makes me cringe. But, of course, they could have been the biggest punks known to man despite their looks as we all know.

  13. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    “…and the black wifebeater shirt…” LOL HA HA HA HA :D

  14. Martin says:

    I can’t believe I forgot to write something about the awesome look of the guy in the white t-shirt (yes, the guy with erected nipples and clogs). Fuck, from now on I’m just gonna buy records where at least one of the members are wearing clogs on the cover shot.

  15. Tony says:

    LOL- I didn’t even see those clogs until you mentioned it! Hilarious! They look much cooler and authentic than the rubber Birkenstock clogs/garden shoes that I have on right now!

  16. The ones you’re wearing are called Foppatofflor Tony, and they are banned from several hospitals.

  17. sodom says:

    Hello all the ones. Rockset is a kult band from PiteÃ¥. In the early 90:s i get in contact with the bass player Kenneth. He was my nighbour at the case, the best you can get. After a while i get on me that he had started the band Rockset. I was shocked and proud of that. So enjoy and think of one of the first Swedish Punk band….ever….

  18. Stig Dangerman says:

    I know this band is from Sweden, but I am convinced I have bought weed from every member in the New England provinces (i.e., the suburbs of Bridgeport, Connecticut).

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