Oss – S/T 7″

This is a re-post from July the 10th 2006. Added more scans, new rips and all the tracks. First posted by the TV Eye // Drummer.

I somehow got the idea that both Tony and Behjan wants to hear this “well-crafted” piece of west coast punk, so here it is.

Oss came from Asa about 45 minutes south of Gothenburg and managed to get themselves banned from the local youth recreation centers after a show that included some pyrotechnics and TV smashing. Lucky for us the boys wrote the great song Falska Rykten about it. You might say that the song is Sweden’s answer to Banned in D.C. even if the bands are miles apart when it comes to musicality. While Bad Brains managed to make difficult songs sound easy Oss sounds like they struggled very hard to keep the songs together. On the other hand it seems like the guy who handled the scissors didn’t struggle too much when it was time to cut the inserts. Well, looking at my scanning of it now it seems like I didn’t try as hard as I actually did to place it straight…

Let me know if the sound quality is better now. I’ve done some changes in the settings that might do the trick if I’m lucky.

Country: Sweden
Year: 1980
Label: Bandit
Format: 7″
Falska rykten.mp3
Hubba bubba.mp3
Vi gor som vi vill.mp3
Ja vill va fri.mp3

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  1. behjan says:

    Peter, many thanks for the re-post of the OSS 4-song 7″e.p. of 1980 ( ASA was also the hometown of the BATHORY guy -RIP !- ,right ? )

    Anyway,I missed the initial posting and am glad to now download the songs. “Falska rykten” (“False direction” or “False rhythm” ,am I right with my imaginary svensk translats ? )

    My fave is the opener which wisely was taken for one of the great KBD 50 or 51 (strictly Punk dé Sverige). I have even once got all 4x songs taped but can not find that tape, so thanks again, Uncle Peter !!!
    BTW, do you think the SWEDISH PUNK DISCOGRAPHY – that will be out by mid-June – is a cool one ? (hopefully not entirely in svensk lingo or at least with translats,THEN it will be a keeper !).

    The great http://WWW.PUNKTIPSET.SE has many of the releases ,I only missed so far a few (57 KEZ,BANDAGE,HOMO ELECTRICA),which will be in the book. They choose the Vicious Visions 7″-sleeve for the front-side of the discography-book (VV,I`m sorry, are IMO by being a bit later and that made ´em probably sounding a bit “grungy”, but I am sure many think different…)
    Don´t ban me off your site cos of this , please
    …eh eh.

    OSS were cool and still are! T.H.A.N.K.S. again!!!

  2. Jay Thurston says:

    Holy fucking shit! This is the fucking best fucking record of all fucking time! Thank you fucking much! Falska Rykten is a fucking masterpiece!

  3. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Behjan, I know it’s confusing of who’s posting what. Under the title and date you can find either The Flakes // Drummer or The Faintest Ideas // Drummer. The first is me the latter is Martin. All credits goes to Martin for posting this.

    Falska rykten=False rumors. Good try though ;). About the swedish punk book. There’s two in the making. I know Peter Kagerland who’s working on one of them. It seems to have a release date every year. Maybe the TV Eye // Drummer can give us some info here since he’s contributing with some articles?

  4. And I’m a friend of Peter Jandreus, the author of The Encyclopedia of Swedish punk (the one that’ll be out within a few weeks and mentioned above by Behjan). It’s a pretty nice book and it’s in english, even all band names are translated as a bonus. It’s Peter’s selection of what he considers punk, so some bands that I consider to be punk are missing. We’ve had some discussions about this, but after all it’s his book and his rules… I still think of Noise as a punk band thou!

    When speaking of records not on http://www.punktipset.se don’t forget Tre Man Stark (will be posted here later on) and Ewing Oi (will NOT be posted here, at least not by me).

  5. Senap says:

    Yeah, verry najs to get all songs from this lovely ol’ EP. Saw them live at Sprängkullen back in the days. Speaking of Peter Jandreus: It seems that he didn’t consider Bumsen Muss Mann to be a punk act either? After looking through the index of the book anyway. Peter, who’s one of 5 (proud?) owners of our 7″ test press, are probably right. I think Peter Kagerland took us out of his book as well when co-writer Jönsson (from Attentat) jumped off the project? But we were never in it for the fame. Just for the glue and the male prostitutes.

  6. mh says:

    The BBM cuts offa the Och Mannen Satt Ner comp is better than most punk recorded in Sweden.

  7. mh says:

    There is a severe hole in all these Swe Punk History projects. Some of the best stuff was on cassettes only. probably more cassettes were distributed than in any other country at the time.

    • Nathan G says:

      Is there a list of these cassette releases available in print form, online or in someone’s head?

      • Martin says:

        I doubt anyone can name all the tapes that were released in thse years from the top of their head, but I believe the most of them that were released up til 1982 will be in Peter Kagerland’s book. Tell The Flakes drummer to hurry up with the layout etc so that we’ll see a release date this year.

  8. I guess it’s pretty easy to have an opinion on these book even before they’re available, but in the end both Peters have done amazing jobs, and I know that Jandreus’ introduction explains his selection and why some bands are left out. Quite a few of the bands left out from the discography are mentioned in the last chapter anyway, so lots of bands not listed are still in the book after all.

  9. Erich says:

    Martin: The humming sound is gone. Great!

  10. Jay Thurston says:

    Awwwwwww….I really like the humming sound…bummer.

  11. Pogo Peter says:

    “It seems that he didn’t consider Bumsen Muss Mann to be a punk act either?”

    The three track testpressing is punk for sure but as it wasn´t released it is not mentioned in the book. The same goes for Venerias, the unreleased Problem live ep and other assorted over-the-top-flying-nerd-stuff.


  12. Martin says:

    Pogo Peter is not a punk, he’s got long hair!

  13. Tony says:

    Hey thanks for posting this whole EP! I wanted to hear the whole thing after last summer when 2 of the 4 tracks were posted. “Well-crafted”- ha ha! After 3 months(!) I finally have a new posting on my blog so check it out if you’re interested…

  14. Martin says:

    I have a spare copy of this one for sale here; http://www.tradera.com/OSS-S-T-7-EP-KBD-PUNK-1980-SWEDEN-LYSSNA-auktion_92314831 if anyone’s interested

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