Bitch Boys – Hela Mitt Liv/Impopular 7″

Bitch Boys! Such a great name for a young and snotty band, right! And if the rumors from way back in time about blow jobs and vomits in the same story are true they sure picked a well describing name for the band… Other rumors says they were so high on glue that they couldn’t get on stage and had to cancel a show in Gothenburg. True or not, it still shows that they had a great reputation when it came to punky behavior.

This is their second 7″ out of the four they did as a punk band and they are all well worth checking out, just as stated before. I think this is their best effort, but it’s a shame that the intro to Hela mitt liv drags on for so long. Good that the song kicks ass once the intro is over thou.

Country: Sweden
Year: 1979
Label: Slick
Format: 7″

Hela mitt liv.mp3


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19,170 Responses to Bitch Boys – Hela Mitt Liv/Impopular 7″

  1. Tony G says:

    I agree. Bets name. I want to hear the rumours you mention Peter, var de horor eller vadda?

    My zine is getting printed now so expect a parcel sometime soon-ish…

  2. Tony G says:

    BEST NAME (i meant to write…duh)

  3. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Martin posted this so I guess he can fill us in on the rumors. Har du min adress?

  4. About "horor", Tony C.... says:

    Hej Tony C. Kom gärna o kolla Bitch Boys på Berns 30-31 Aug. Jag lovar att jag rockar din röv!!!
    Puss! A.k.a kiss my ass!!!

  5. Renik says:

    Deffinately some catchy shit.

  6. Nathan G says:

    Whats that on the tip of your tongue? Suck records!!!!

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