Disorder – S/T 7″

This is a repost from March the 31th 2006. Added more scans, new rips and Law And Disorder. 

Not the glue sniffing Disorder. The B-side is completly worthless which is strange considering “Air Raid” is a complete blast. (Edit. I’ve been completely blinded by Air Raid to give Law And Disorder a real chance. Actually it’s quiet good! Sing a long to “Destroy, destroy, destroy society. Destroy, destroy, destroy everything.) Compact, short and in your face. It’s been included on “Cheap And Nasty Vol. 1” but something must’ve gone wrong in the mastering cause all the bass and punch disapeared. Too bad. It’s the same with The Jermz track there. To find the original press WITH a sleeve is very hard.

Country: UK
Year: 1980
Label: Ace
Format: 7″
Air Raid.mp3
Law And Disorder.mp3

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  1. wedge says:

    ok, once & for all…WHAT is up with this record??? the liner notes on the Japanese pressing of Disorder “Perdition” 12″ would lead one to believe that not only are these 2 Disorders somewhat closely related, but they imply that this here 45 is supposed to be a 5-track ep…anybody have a guess as to why???

    i know there was a bootleg version of this 45 complete with PS about 3-5 years ago, but i missed out(didnt find out until pretty recently)…anybody know where i can score an affordable copy of this “re-pro” version?? THANKS!!!

    • karl says:

      There is NO connection between this Disorder (from Sunderland) and the more well-known Bristol band. Different location, different members, no relation whatsoever. I wouldn’t believe anything I read on a Japanese record insert (have you seen the laughably misunderstood lyrics on some of them? The Exploited albums come to mind…) The history of the Sunderland band can be found here: http://www.boredteenagers.co.uk/DISORDER.htm

  2. dylan says:

    what a great song. i wouldnt mind finding a boot of this either… or an original in the dollar bin… i havent seen either for sale ever, but i guess i havent been looking. this was also comped on the ENGLAND BELONGS TO ME compilations. those are worth looking up, for sure, friends…

  3. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    You can find the boot on and off at eBay. The boot even comes with the sleeve that was shipped with 100 copies of the original issue.

  4. Mik says:

    One of the great bands from Sunderland….
    got this single..not pic cover tho, and reality crisis…
    excellent music.

  5. Mark Rough says:

    This is my band!
    I’m not too keen on the boots myself, I’d like to a proper job of re-releasing it along with the 2nd single “Reality Crisis” and some other bit and peices i’ve got, along with proper sleeve notes etc.
    For the record i haven’t got a copy of the original either. The best place for a good remastered version is ” Bored Teenagers Vol 2″ on Detour Records, they’ve done a great job.

  6. Mark Rough says:

    Hi has anyone got a copy of “Reality Crisis” they can upload on to here or Carry On Screaming’s blog. I’ve not heard it for ages and I wrote the fucker!
    Watch out for some major news about the re-issues very shortly

  7. Benny Binliner says:

    This site is fantastic! Thank you. I thought I was aware of most of the good tunes already, but “Air Raid” is quickly becoming an instant repeater.
    Can anyone make out the lyrics? This is primo sing-along stuff.


    Bodies are scattered.
    There is a big scare.

    Air raid (get down in the cellar)
    Air raid (turn out the lights)
    Air raid (grab all your children)
    Air raid (?)

    There is no escape.
    Fires in the sky.

    Innocents die.

    Guitar solo

    …. bodies.

    The world has ended
    for many around.
    People are lost.
    Some are found.


  8. chano says:

    THIS IS THE SHIT !!!!! Thanx for posting some of the best obscure punk fuckin’ rock around !

  9. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    You’re welcome chano!

  10. Chris says:

    Mark, any news on the re-issues? Hopefully vinyl? When is it expected to be avalaible?

  11. Mik says:

    Mark…you say you havent a copy !!!!!!
    Spoke to Steve Halstead about the band etc …and guess what he never had a copy either (what did you band members do with them ?)……Mine are Treasures…….and were freebies from the Old 29 gig…

  12. Mark Rough says:

    It just didn’t seem important to keep copies, we never thought anyone would be THAT interested.
    I do prefer the 2nd single, we were starting to grow as musicians. But I’m still proud to be involved in Air Raid. I’ll post the lyrics up in the next week or so.
    I’ve lost touch with Stephen Halstead, so the reissue will have to wait until we can track each other down

  13. CW says:

    An original came up on ebay with sleeve, heard only 50 came with a sleeve and were given to friends and family. Anyhow it sold for something like £300 bloody wish i had one need to refit my kitchen!

  14. Steve Contempt says:

    One of my all time faves, the repro 7″ doesn’t sound as good as the original in my opinion, got the original but had to get repress as well for the sleeve!

  15. Roberto says:

    really a great single,this blog is full of fantastic music,thanks…i’m a drummer,too.

  16. Kaaos-82 says:

    I own this record, or rather my long time partner owns this record who recieved it from her father along with an entire collection of rare UK punk vinyl. The copy in question is also missing the sleeve but has a make shift “Disorder” written on a dust jacket in the style of Bristol Disorder.

    I and others are somewhat puzzled by this release thinking it was a very early release from Bristol band Disorder as I couldn’t work out why it sounded so different compared to there first release “Complete Disorder.” But this article has somewhat clarified it for me that around the same time there were two disorders in the UK. regardless of them being two different bands, Air Raid is a great song. More information on this other disorder would be highly appreciated

  17. Steve Halstead says:

    Great to read the blog, I am proud to say that I wrote and played on the
    Air Raid single and have 2 copies, which I treasure and which I will never part with. Thanks to all those who have made positive comments about the song. I realise that Air Raid is the song that Disorder (Sunderland) will always be known for locally, but I, like Mark prefer Reality Crisis.
    Great times, great fun, great crowd.

    Steve (Holly)

  18. Barr Collar says:

    Great to find this site..My original copy of Air Raid was given to me by Mark Rough himself thirty years ago in the school playground of Castleview school but being young and daft i lost the record , but today i just recieved my ‘AIR RAID’ single bought from ebay ..i paid £67 but worth it to rekindle my youth…you won’t believe this but i also had that rare first single from the Red Alert boys ‘Boder Guards ‘given to me at one of their first gigs in the Castleview youth club …i’d kill me feckin granny to get hold of that little beauty again…ANY ONE GOT ONE FOR SALE?

  19. Clive Bulmer says:

    Well I always thought that Air Raid was a great song and still do. I was fortunate to be given a copy of this single by Mark Rough himself as I was one of his teachers at Castleview School. I still have this single but as I’m now retired and time marches on perhaps it’s time to sell it and let someone else add it to their vinyl collection. So please look out for it on EBay!

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