Modern Warfare – Nothing’s Left For Me E.P. 7″

You may have heard the incredible track One For All on the American Youth Report. I was totally floored when I spun it for the first time. But their records where nowhere to be found in Sweden at the time. I heard them on Hell Comes To Your House and the Life Is Boring So Why Not Steal This Record compilations. Here’s their second and last record. It’s almost as good as One For All. Hardcore delivered with originality and passion. While No Passion makes Erich do ugly things Suburban Death Row want’s me to fuck you all. And of course they got great lyrics to boot: I see them leading decent, well ordered lives. With their lovely, stupid children and their K-Mart wives. If the rumors is true that they have an LP full of unreleased stuff I hope it’s from the same session as One For All. 

So what happened with MW after this EP? I really need to know. 

You know Erich posted this one and their first too which I command you to download as well. Yeah, I know I sold my copy of the first EP just cause I was so disappointed it wasn’t as good as One For All. 

Country: USA
Year: 1981
Label: Bemisbrain
Format: 7″
Nothing’s Left For Me.mp3
No Passion.mp3
Suburban Death Row.mp3 

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  1. says:

    Hey Sorry it’s been a while since responding….if possible I would love to have a copy in any format of Ashaplt Dynasty….you could email it to it should be able to accept it….I’ve sent songs via email as I suppose you have too. I don’t know what I have that could serve as trade for you but hit me up and I’d be willing to try…..I have only ever had that song on cassette that I recorded from the Uncle Milty staying groovy set from like 1983 or ’84….both Hell comes to your house albums I have do not have that song so….

    Anyway, please let me know I would be endebted to you.


  2. Chris g says:

    does anyone know any blogs where Moral Majority might be found? or Asphalt Dynasty for that matter?

  3. Mammawombwomb says:

    Hey Romulo – I just sent it from my Gmail. Lemme know if by chance you fail to get it. Enjoy!

  4. behjan says:

    wow,53x comments for their 2nd ep (almost Cardiac Kidz 1st 7″ -dimensions…)

    btw,which record had the MOST comments so far?

    I made a mistake with my comment on this 7″ (from this summer,no.24):
    NOT this pure HardCore 7″ep shows THE FALL influences but 2 out of 3 moody songs from their debut 7″ of 1980 “are the only LA Punkers showing heavily THE FALL influencers” (someone else said).

    I could imagine Grand Theft Audio or Artifix would be good places for an official re-issue. WE HAVE TO FIND MR. JIMMY BEMIS !

  5. Renik says:

    This band is fucking rad. It doesn’t sound like they put out alot of stuff. There are only two 7 inches and a bunch of comp. tracks that I am aware of.

  6. Meat says:

    The two different comps with Modern Warfare songs that I have heard so far are American Youth Report and Life is Boring so Why Not Steal This Record. Whoever posted this has written of another comp called Hell Comes to Your House. I haven’t heard that one yet. The tracks on the two comps that I have heard are both good. I’ll have to seek out Hell Comes To Your House and hear that other Modern Warfare song. I think the 7 inch that is posted here is better than their first one, although their first 7 inch is good too.

  7. Meat says:

    It seems that Hell Comes to Your House has two Modern Warfare songs. The other two comps that I wrote about both have one song. The two 7 inches have 3 each. I like the idea that Behjan had about a re-issue. There are at least 10 known tracks, and I wonder if there are some long lost recordings they could also use if there ever was some sort of re-issue on Grand Theft Audio or some other label.

  8. w says:

    Grand Theft Audio usually likes to fit as much music as possible on their CD’s, which is awesome. I don’t know what more Modern Warfare songs could be dug up besides the 10 tracks that Meat is talking about. Maybe there could be a split release on some label with Modern Warfare and someone else.

  9. Ron Guodie says:

    Hey kids and former kids, I am just rediscovering this stuff, I am amazed it didn’t go away completely, and thank god for u all. If anyone found and tracks please feel free to email them 2 me, I would love to hear them again, I just head the 6 songs and I am a pleasantly surprised. What the fuck were we thinking I wonder, they are a bit out there, especially that guitar player, he’s Kookie :>) By the way I just hooked up with Jimmy Bemis again thanks to this page (I think it was this one) Anyway he is fine an living in Long Beach. If I remember correctly and might not, I think we recorded something like 20 songs, mostly 4 comps but don’t ask me what or whre they are. Maybe Jimmy cam remember? Punk is what punk does, Big love, R

  10. copsforfertilizer says:

    If any one just might happen to have a spare copy of this relic lying around, please let me know if you are willing to trade/sell it. I’m sick of ebay Fucks!

  11. Arch Stanton says:

    I hope this is cool, I’m not sure of the protocol.
    For anyone interested, you can dl all the MW stuff with the exception of “Asphalt Dynasty” through this site:

    If you’re nice to the guy, he may give you a link to that as well ;-)

  12. Randy Scott says:

    Asphalt Dynasty has been posted on YouTube. Use “Modern Warfare punk” and you will see it appear atop the list. I really like the way this recording sounds. This is how an excellent studio engineer and band get it done! Thanks for posting it. It has been over 25 years since I personally heard the song. It makes me want to go grab some drumsticks, set up my drums in the garage just like when I started, and enter the zone. This has become the offical place for Modern Warfare stories and information.

    Randy Scott


    I’ve just finished the first issue of my new zine PEDERAST PROPHET from Australia. It’s got an interview with MODERN WARFARE that i did recently with Ron Goudie and Tim Gains answering everything ya wanna know about this amazing band. Steve Miller and Craig Calvert from THE FIX are also interrogated with a lengthy interview. And there’s i/v’s with great Australian bands: HOMOSEXUAL TOURISTS and SHOCK VALUE. + show/record reviews etc. Get in touch at for single and wholesale rates to your country.

  14. Randy Scott says:

    P. Prophet,

    I’m sure I could have added a few interesting tid bits about the band Modern Warfare. Did they mention that we used to practice off of Santa Fe and PCH next to a long gone Naval Housing slum. We used to see D Boon, Mike Watt, and Tony( I think) the drummer ; The Minutemen all sweaty and smelly before we profusely released our sweat and stink. It didn’t smell as bad as CBGBs but it was a very hot practicing studio in the summer. There were lots of very strange street crazies outside while we practiced our fast paced set. D Boon was a very smart musician. Just one of many tid bits.
    Randy Scott (drummer)


      Randy, good to hear from you & thanks for sharing the yarns. MW would’ve been perfect soothing music for the street crazies, ha ha.
      Ron mentioned that MW shared a practice room with the Minutemen, but didn’t go into detail. Hopefully you should have a copy of the zine in your mailbox sometime soon. Ron said he’d send them out to you guys. Let me know what ya think when it arrives.
      All the best man.
      Western Smith.

  15. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Thanks for all the stories Scott. Feel honored that you’ve chosen this place to be the official one to share information about Modern Warfare.




  17. J Donley says:

    I played “Delivered” from the original vinyl 7″on KUOI-FM, Moscow tonight PST. It’s one of the best punk recordings ever!

  18. Anonymous says:

    It’s been a while; but old punks carry the attitude in their hearts. I was just in Long Beach today. I drove down the exact alley where I first joined Modern Warfare; one block from Wilson High school. My mind flashed on pumping out Suburban Death Row in the tight little studio garage 30 years ago. I slowly drove off with the wierdest feeling of what seems like yesterday, is almost half my life. Just as I was hearing another Jimmy Bemis classic, Living in the Shadows, I saw an older musician walking with his guitar in his hand. I swear he looked just like Bemis but I couldn’t pull over to make sure. I bet Jim is still playing somewhere in Long Beach today.





  20. Ron Goudie says:

    just reread all of this, super great, I am humbled all over again, didn’t know what I didn’t know back then….

    Grandpa Death Experience…..

  21. Ron Goudie says:

    Information for the Blog People (so far)

    We are going release everything on on LP this year with Reggie Durso, unfortunately there isn’t any old studio stuff that we have found yet, but, we did get a cassette today from a Jam with Randy & Jim at Jim’s house (I haven’t heard it), I think it has two songs and some other stuff from Jim. I remember when they did it, glad Randy kept the tape.

    U guys kept this shit alive for 25 years while it found an audience, thanks for that, words can not express my joy and gratitude, thank you.

    I am going to suggest that Reggie use a bunch of your quotes from here in the packaging, in your honor :>)


  22. Ron Goudie says:

    And Stig writes the liner notes >>>>>>>

  23. Renik says:

    I’ll be on the lookout for that lp when its ready.

  24. You Might Have heard That the Unbelievable Trail One For All about the Youth Report. I Discovered them Hell Comes To Your Home along with the Life Is Boring So Why Not Steal This Record compilation.

  25. Tim says:

    I found a copy of this but the writing is in red and the clear plastic sleeve has drawings on it in the same style and the same color as the red writing of the song titles on the white label.
    Any info on this red version?

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