Chronics – Test Tube Baby/Calling All Cardinals 7″

This is a re-post from September the 29th 2006. Added bigger scans and new fresh high quality rips. By the way isn’t it Edvard Person screaming out Calling All Cardinals at the back of the sleeve?

A solid two tracker. I had heard some buzz that “Test Tube Baby” should be great before I got it. But after awhile it turns out I’ve listened more to the b-side “Calling All Cardinals”. An ultra thin XTCish arty-punk song that just blows you away.

Yes, you’re more then welcome to fill me in on more info about the Chronics. I know that Dave De Luca formed The Clock togheter with ex-Pagans guy Tommy Metoff. That’s all.

Country: USA
Year: 1978
Label: Nuclear
Format: 7″
Test Tube Baby.mp3
Calling All Cardinals.mp3 

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18 Responses to Chronics – Test Tube Baby/Calling All Cardinals 7″

  1. tyty69 says:

    Chronics ! Perfect song maybe Peter was a Test Tube Babies…Ask them

  2. wedge says:

    well, these guys were actually from the pretty remote town of Ashtabula Ohio; which is about 50+ miles east of Cleveland, right on the Lake Erie shore. the address of the label this is released on is a very short walk from my house. its in a building that is pretty much empty these days,but at the time of this 45 release, it was a very busy shopping & office center.

    about 5 years ago, a cdR surfaced from a band member & it contains an ENTIRE 60-minute live set, in pretty amazing sound quality, from 1978. these guys had so many great tunes, but only ever recorded these 2 on this 45 for some reason.

  3. kmax says:

    Fuck, this is coool.

  4. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Thanks Wedge for the lenghty info. Any chance of digging up that CD-R?

  5. wedge says:

    i still have a copy of it, but im not sure if i should copy it for anyone. it was originally submitted to Smog Veil for possible inclusion on the “Pie & Ears” CD compilation series(all old Cleveland/Northern Ohio PUNK bands from late-70’s/early 80’s), but volume 3 never got released.ill ask the organizer if its ok to copy for you, but dont hold your breath,ok?? there is an OLD email address for a band member with it. ill email the address to you seperately,ok??

    also, i remember being very young(like 9-10 years old[this was 1979-80]) & i was the newspaper delivery boy on my street…there was always this crazy old house at the end of the street i lived on, and when delivering the news in the early morning hours, there was ALWAYS a band rehearsing, or a wild party going on, or drunk people walking around in the street,…very interesting for a rebellious young kid!!! anyways,i just found out in the past couple years that this was the house that members of the Clocks & Wild Giraffes shared, and also TONS of legendary Cleveland-area bands would rehearse…i think i was born too late,sometimes…ah well!!!

  6. killedbycandis says:

    Damn, between this site and 7inchpunk is there anything that you don’t know or own. I bow to your superior knowldege. Since downloading this I’ve been finding myself listening to “Calling All Cardinals” about 8-10 times every time the track comes up on my cd. I loved “Test Tube Baby” ever since hearing it on KBD #999 and always figured the B-side would be just as good but I had no idea it would blow away the other track. I just watched a documentary about the Red Brigade the other day and found myself going over the lyrics the whole time watching it.

  7. Martin says:

    C’mon Peter, that’s not Edvard. He had been dead for 21 years when this one was released. Great record by the way.

  8. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Hmm maybe it’s an old drawing of Edvard that they used for the sleeve?

  9. eva says:

    wow test-tube-tune is going to haunt me

  10. kiely says:

    i have the single still and saw them (and The Clocks) more than a few times. i just wanted to ass the Clepunk info …if that helps anyone.

  11. Nathan G says:

    What a work of art this is!

  12. Drew Kukura says:

    The boogie tunes aren’t too bad but the artwork on the sleeve is just amazing.

  13. ALDO says:

    “Test Tube Baby” is good punk rock but its evident that the singer was trying to sound like TV Smith of the Adverts.

  14. Michael Szewczyk says:

    WOW! I lived in Ashtabula and grew up with Dave DeLuca’s son Chris. First “punk” record I ever heard! Wish I could get a copy of this and I wonder what the band members are doing these days. If anybody knows…, or post here!
    Cheers, Mike in Boston

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