Cracked Actor – Nazi School 7″

This is a re-post from September the 1st 2006. Added new scans and high quality rips.

Nazi Scool have been posted at before. And do I have to ramble on about the bit rates? No, I thought so. Another thing is that the b-side isn’t posted over there. Included on Killed By Death Vol 5 and Back To Fron Vol 1.

It’s a great joy to cranck this up while sitting on the balcony with my shaved head and the loud “Sieg Hiel” chants comes blistering through the speakers on Nazi School. 

On the flip there’s a cover of Judy In Disguise wich I happen to like even though I’ve always have a hard time coping with “rock n roll” chords. From Long Island, NY.

Read the review from MRR, 1982 over at Kill From The Heart:”This New York outfit pounds out a stirring anthem directed against the stupidity and regimentation of our educational system (along with a mouldy JOHN FRED cover song).

Record collector asshole info: my copy is fully signed on the back.

Country: USA
Year: 1981
Label: Death
Format: 7″
Nazi School.mp3
Judy In Disguise.mp3

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19,170 Responses to Cracked Actor – Nazi School 7″

  1. dylan says:

    this record is a monster. why nobody has bootlegged this and sold me a copy is beyond me.

  2. tim says:

    this record is two kind of sleeve.which is the first edition?all aspect print or pipe line print?

  3. Jim says:

    The cover without the white border is the first.The white border cover is the second printing.Check out the lead singers new band Those Charming Bastards

  4. Dave Weber says:

    There is a long history to this band. I was the original signer (Davey) before the remaining band members (Tommy – Rhythmn/Lead, Jim – Rhythmn/Lead, Shean – Base and Mike – Drums) moved on to cutting their own material. I have to say at that time we were ahead of the times. In 1976 time frame the disco sceene was among us. We were a garage band at that time admired by the sounds of Twised Sister who used to perform on stage in clubs hurling disco LPs into the crowed chatting the disco sucks theme. In addition, the Son of Sam Serial killer was on the loose. So there was the family of people who went to the disco clubs and those who went to the rock clubs. It was a risky time to be out on the town but hey sex, drugs and rock and roll helped pulled us all through. Well, back to that garage band. We moved on out of the garage and into the attic of the rythmn gartarist (Tommy) girl friends house then eventually moved down to the basement where we torn down walls to make room for equipment. I had a reliable job and took out a loan out for a PA System. We practiced nearly every day and payed rent for the basement. After practicing and heading from the basement to our vehicles we had to transverse through dog poop and heroin users on the way out. We eventually got good enough to play in clubs, mainly remake material such as AeroSmith, Bowie, Beatles, Kiss, Rammones, Sex Pistols, Ian Hunter and lots of others. We started playing in local clubs and as we got more popular, migrated locally from Suffolk County toward the City. Fun times but after awhile, I had to move on out of state due to work related decisions. The remaining band members were out on a lim. I felt bad but they hung on to the music that made them happy. I suggested that they didn’t need me and that they should consider cutting their own material. As such, they cut Nazi School and Judy in Disguise. I keep in touch with Tommey who mentioned that a Japanese firm is interested in purchasing the copy right to these two songs since puck rock is popular in Japan. Note that although these were the only songs that were made public, ther are many others that never were produced.

  5. Mike G says:

    Hey Dave Weber and KBD. I first heard Nazi School here on the site and loved it – I have listened to punk for a while and this single slipped past me so it was a pleasure to hear such a great anthem even if it was some years later. In fact, I liked it so much my band covered it and we are now putting that cover song on our new 12″. Anywho, thank you both for the info and influence. Great stuff.

    – Mike (The PMRC – Houston)

  6. Jay Thurston says:

    I can’t wait to hear your bands version…it is truly a classic. Fy fav va bra!

  7. chano says:

    Really good ! On the verge between punk and early hc . :-)

  8. Ben Laden says:

    Every now and then you hear a song that makes you sit to attention and your ears twitch to the beat.
    This is the first time I have come across this band/song. WOW.
    Cheers for posting it.

  9. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Glad you liked it Ben Laden. Any connections to Bin Marmeladen?

  10. joe says:

    Hey Dave W, (if youre still around)
    Great to hear from you about yourself and the band. You should try to pull together some of the unreleased tracks for a record.

  11. KGbeasley says:

    fantastic record!

  12. yazoo says:

    I first heard this fine record being played by Brad Morrison of college radio station WPKN in Bridgeport,CT. when it was a new release.

    good times

  13. Hahahaha, Bin Marmeladen! He must be the older brother of Bin Salladen…

  14. Ben Laden says:

    He’s actually a distant relative…Third cousin or something silly like that.

  15. This is a great rarity on southamerica. Thanks to share it

  16. I wrote Nazi School with the help of Tommy,Sean and Mike in Cracked Actor. The single has been rereleased in 2008(limited to 300 copies) by 1977 Records in Japan. A full album CD is due in March/April 2008 on the same label.My new band is “Those Charming Bastards” You can check out some songs on or
    “Chitter Chatter” has a tribute to the N.Y.Dolls.Great to hear that so many people still like the single!

  17. Tommy H. says:

    We wrote this and a bunch more glad it’s still crankin! Definition of cranking;if your hair is wet and your near your speakers your hair dries. Nice novel Davey,say hello to Goliath.

  18. Steve D. says:

    Tom, Mike, Sean & Jim,
    I thought you guys had a really great band and enjoyed hearing your music at clubs like My Fathers Place, Cheers etc. Those days can never
    be replaced. Long live the music of Cracked Actor!

    • Valerie says:

      Tom, Mike, Sean and Jim,

      Those were the days…..and what about those pictures!!

      Definitely ahead of your time musically; loved every minute of “managing” the band….

  19. zach says:

    this record is amazing. is was bootlegged sometime. some guy has one up on ebay every week. he must have made the bootleg or something. does anybody have their demo? the one listed on KFTH.

  20. Andy says:

    Nazi’s cool! Nazi’s cool!!!

  21. Andy M says:

    MANY years ago I volunteered in the Radiology Department at St. Johns Hospital in Smithtown…one of the guys from Cracked Actor worked in the radiology department…super funny guy, super nice guy…wild sense of humor and fun…not sure what he played…drums or guitar…I’m driving down Port Jefferson…and I see in the window of the Tara Inn there’s an ad in the window advertising “Cracked Actor” and the ol’ memory gets a jolt! Anyone out there know who it is?

  22. Nathan G says:

    Everybody should hear this. Even the hippy cover song has grown on me after a bunch of plays. Visually, it looks like something a headbanger might enjoy.

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