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Livin’ Sacrifice – S/T E.P. 7″

Someone asked for this female slab of high quality punk, and when you ask, I deliver. Yes, that’s just another proof of what a good guy I am. Dressed in tiger striped shirts and leopard patterned pants these Runaways loving … Continue reading

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Bugs – Bloody mess E.P. 7″

Four young punks with no musical experience or talent but shit loads of attitude! The drummer never figured out how to use the kick drum, but did he care? Naaah! Sloppy as hell teenage punk with lyrics that most likely … Continue reading

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The Panics – S/T E.P. 7″

Not enough time. You know how it is. Started work this week. Kind of sucks. I was born to be unemployed but no one seems to listen. I have enough stuff I could do in my “spare” time. There´s enough … Continue reading

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Sudden Fun – S/T E.P. 7″

The one and only 7″ by Californias Sudden Fun deserves to be posted for one reason and one reason only: the first track. What the fuck happened after that???? Sudden Fun is totally mind blowing but the other tracks makes … Continue reading

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London Zoo – S/T 7″

London Zoo who’s members where in Blunt Instruments who released a great underrated single. If you favor punk rock with melodies then this is your thing. Receiving End is THE killer track. Incredible catchy guitar riffing going on. Another guy … Continue reading

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