The Panics – S/T E.P. 7″

Not enough time. You know how it is. Started work this week. Kind of sucks. I was born to be unemployed but no one seems to listen. I have enough stuff I could do in my “spare” time. There´s enough people who really want to work(yes it´s insane but true). Let them do it. Give me 10% of your salaries and I´ll be fine. 

So The Panics with their mega hit: I wanna kill my mom. The definition of sloppiness together with Vast Majority? Totally love the parts when Mike Ost(cheese in swedish) hits the crash but fails to follow with the kick drum. Ultra thin. Most of you have probably heard this but still it neeeeddds to be posted. How´s their retrospective CD?

Country: USA
Year: 1980
Label: Gulcher
Format: 7″
I Wanna Kill My Mom.mp3
Best Band.mp3
Tie Me Up, Baby!.mp3

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  1. jeff says:

    fuckin’ a! had this on a cassette many a moon ago, the coolest guitar “scrape” this side of i don’t know what. thanks man.

  2. Jay Thurston says:

    Thanks…this is definitely the sloppiest band I have ever heard. Great!

  3. hdvns says:

    Yeah, what a mess! I love it.

  4. chud says:

    I totally agree about work. In fact, I always say the same thing. Have you ever read Bob Black’s “The Abolition of Work”? He also states as much. I used to work with people who would *complain* about having “nothing to do” after a long weekend and be *happy to be back at work*. Not me. If they didn’t pay me to go I wouldn’t.

    Great blog / post, as always.

  5. stinky82 says:

    It is insane being employed? Unfortunatelly not everybody was born in Sweden with its social care, where start working is more favor (or boredom?) than obligation. Try to move to my country and don´t work…I guarantee you can forget collecting rare records (and lot more). So don´t complain please, it gets me angry. I like your blog and what records you´re sharing with us, but these words are kinda stupid.
    I like my job anyway. I am graduated surveyor/3D cartographer and I worked hard on university in order I cannot be brainless assembly line worker. That feeling I cannot fill hints of some asshole with “supervisor” namebadge make me happy…

  6. Lucy Tronchet says:

    If you haven’t seen it already, there’s brief but amusing footage of the Panics on youtube. It looks like the bass player might be playing an old Hagstrom, another fine export from Sweden!

    As far as anti-work literature, don’t forget Paul Lafargue’s “The Right to Be Lazy,” a fine polemic from the late 19th Century.

  7. Erich says:

    Stinky is a work fan, hahaha.

  8. “…brainless assembly line worker.” that’s kind of prejudice.

  9. stinky82 says:

    yes I am, what´s wrong with it? As well as I am late ´70/early 80´s HardCorePunk maniac :P
    No guys, I like your blogging and I have nothing against you, but if I see anyone complaining of being employed from Switzerland or Sweden (or any developed, rich country, it is at least hypocritical, sorry

  10. But we’re rich enough to let some of our work force be unemployed. It’s also good for the economy and the environment.

  11. Erich says:

    Let alone for the mind! Work is unethical – it destroys so many animals, plants and braincells.

  12. jeff says:

    …in reponse to stinky. “brainless assembly line worker”?. nice pidgeonhole. what of hardworking in general, whether its with your hands, head or both?. not to mention people that work at something they dont necessarily want to do but are taking care of there families, etc?. i’ve got a extra copy of Killdozer’s “intellectuals are the shoeshine boys of the ruling elite” if yer interested?

  13. Jay Thurston says:

    Well, well, well…it looks like we have a genuine genius in here! “Stinky”…you are the man! Way to go! Some, would rather waste their lives at work, while others would rather work at not wasting their lives. To each their own, I suppose.

  14. stinky82 says:

    you understand what I am talking about. I agree with your words.
    I just wanna say that I can´t afford to be unemployed ´coz my social support wouldn´t be enought for paying rent, food, hobbies (how great I am not married :D) etc.

  15. stinky82 says:

    how about your spare copies of:
    ANGRY SAMOANS inside my brain LP
    ADOLESCENTS brats in battalion LP
    PARIAH youths of age LP
    BL´AST the power of expression LP?

  16. jeff says:

    all long players sold for food and beer. sorry.

  17. isk says:

    i just added you in my favorites of my blog

    first, because this blog is awsome, a fucking great that you are doing
    second, just to show you that i wasn’t trying to fuck you up… i’m here for the music, i think you got the same reason


  18. Jay Thurston says:

    I understand “el stinkeroo”…I have to work for a living too. Oh well.

  19. malfeitor says:

    I’ve never heard this entire 7″. Sweet. Everyone must surely agree that they hate the people who win the lottery and claim that they’re not going to quit their job. C’mon, let someone who’s unemployed have your stupid job. Not me, but someone.

  20. Chris says:

    All right, one of my most favorite 7″s ever!

  21. justin says:

    “I was born to be unemployed but no one seems to listen. I have enough stuff I could do in my “spare” time.” Peter that is great, I couldn’t agree more. Ah the things we could accomplish and offer the world (ha ha) if we only had more spare time. 20 something years swinging a pick and kicking a shovel with nothing to show for it but aches and pains. It all matches the burnt out mind though. Anyway, I thought this was your job Peter, doing something for others and not getting paid for it.

  22. Jay Thurston says:

    Okay…it has been 6 days…we need a new record. Let’s get a move on, okay?? Great.

  23. Regular posting will be back. I promise :).

  24. booblikon says:

    the milk-nose minute when the pick slide and the cymbal crash at the same time. but the vocals are the best i wanna strangle that kid.

    ‘Drugs Are For Thugs’ is better tho, does he really go “found you dead at the Holiday Inn/ strung UP on smack, livin’ in sin” ?! >D

  25. RETROSPECTIVE CD lead me to it please,

  26. Martin says:

    I prefer the Gizmos version of Tie me up. Were there any connection between the bands (apart from town and label) by the way?

  27. jbarge says:

    Hello everyone! This is the lead singer of the Panics and I just want to say “thanks”! Seriously when we did this single in 1980 I had no idea years later people would remotely care, even if they want to strangle the lead singer! A couple of quick comments: I do say “strung OUT” on Drugs Are For Thugs. We knew the Gizmos very well and they taught us plenty about music and being in a band. Finally the footage from Youtube is a film on the Compact Disc available from Gulcher Records. You can order it online. It has gobs of material, most of it useless but for some reason people still listen to it. Over and out, JB

  28. Zech says:

    The bassist Yara is currently a director of the dorm I live in at IU.

  29. Viacomclosedmedown on youtube says:

    Ha ha like minded individuals like myself. I have been out of work and on unemployment over eight times w/ two 17 mo. stints and now only worked 3 mo. (min. req.) in ’08 for my new claim now of UE. Fuck-up’s (good band along with Zero Defex) happen and the current system propagates them…thank God for the Catholic’s “Loaves and Fishes” free-food program where I also play 500 card game with my group because I had a crooked boss who started my tumble and all the other “spiritual no-mind’s kept firing me because it’s in my aura when they are useless and disrespectfull to a companies traditions and the “little” souls shrink and stick to it.

  30. Nathan G says:

    Total smasher! Live without this or die.

  31. Adamski says:

    Man, I just got round to actually listening to this after years having it downloaded &…it’s brilliant! Totally snotty to the point of parody. Hey, maybe it is a parody! Who cares if it is or ain’t – it’s awesome.

  32. Vladislav says:

    Thanks a lot for this release. Had it on the cassete long time ago. So fucking cool!

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