Livin’ Sacrifice – S/T E.P. 7″

Someone asked for this female slab of high quality punk, and when you ask, I deliver. Yes, that’s just another proof of what a good guy I am.

Dressed in tiger striped shirts and leopard patterned pants these Runaways loving teenagers released a bunch of records that sounded more and more heavy metal and rawk n’ rawl. Just like every single HC band from Boston and New York. Such a shame that bands wants to destroy everything that’s good with musical skills, tuning and guitar solos.

The song Fuck off was a “hit” despite being the lamest track on the E.P. and when they did a reunion show in the mid 90’s they were greeted by a bunch of skinheads running towards them while screaming FUCK OFF, just to show them how much they loved that song. I guess they fell for the lyrics as they love to screw their dogs while combing their pubic hair.

Here’s a majspäjs site about them with some funny photos and a horrible video from the 90’s where they do a Kiss song.

Country: Sweden
Year: 1981
Label: Rosa Honung
Format: 7″
Fuck off.mp3
Jag vill inte bli stor.mp3

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19,170 Responses to Livin’ Sacrifice – S/T E.P. 7″

  1. Jay Thurston says:

    They do have that Runaways feel to them. I rather like it. Thanks….b side being the best.

  2. c72 says:

    Their Swedish version of Fuck off is much better.

  3. Martin says:

    I agree c72, the Swedish version is much better, but as far as I can remember it’s only released on a shitty Rosa Honung compilation… right?

    • Peter says:

      Yeah it’s on the compilation “Vägra Anpassning!” So is it the sound quality of some of the Livin’ Sacrifice tracks that are shitty? Or is it some of the other bands that are shitty??

  4. Great guitar sound! Lovely!!

  5. J.N says:

    I really loved this band once, when I was young, so thank you so much for this songs!

  6. Charlie M says:

    I asked for this – thanks for posting it Peter.
    Yep – it’s still great.
    I’d like to hear the better version of Fuck Off as this one’s great as it is. Last track on side 2 is the killer for me though.
    I was given my copy as a birthday present! I wish people still got me presents like that…..

  7. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Hi Charlie, It’s not me who posted this. It’s Martin aka The Faintest Ideas // Drummer. You can see who’s posted what by checking our names beneath the title. I know it’s confusing.

  8. Charlie M says:

    Oops…thanks Martin!

  9. J.N says:

    By any chance possible that you got the other 7″‘s, the compilationalbums they where on and their Lp too?

  10. Hi J.N. The only comp I got with L.S. is Vägra för helvete but I won’t post it here as it’s not that good. I thought the rest of their releases was pretty boring so I never bothered to keep them. They’re really easy and cheap to find thou if you want them…

  11. 77 says:

    post the lyrics to fuck off

  12. Martin says:

    The lyrics to all the songs are on the back of the sleeve, but as it’s kinda hard to read I’ll write them here as well.

    We live in the streets, our lifes are complete
    We play rock n roll or what it’s been called
    Our name is LIVIN’ SACRIFICE
    And everybody shout FUCK OFF

    We are going to show you we like punk
    And all you motorcycle people, FUCK OFF
    Go on home and screw your dog
    And everybody shout FUCK OFF

    Not my incorrect grammar, believe it or not…

  13. 77 says:

    very nice…


  14. elliott says:

    heavy metal rules!!!! haha just had to say that. great record.

  15. HUN says:

    do they still play live? music is awsome.. is there anymore stuff from livin’ sacrifice?

    • Martin says:

      Hi HUN, Livin’ Sacrifice did an album and a few more 7inches as well as appeared on comps, here’s a discography that’s missing the 82 7″ “Rocker” and there’s a link to their myspace site in the text. I’m quite sure they broke up 20 years ago or so, and that one of the girls joined Drain, or if they more or less turned into Drain. Can’t remember it right now.

  16. Greg Artifix says:

    I first heard these girls when I got their complete discography CD a few years back….then I had to get this underrated record in it’s original form! My copy just came in the mail today and has been on my turntable all night! Great first EP and maybe the best rawk’n’punk roll girls in Sweden? Are there any other all-girl Swedish bands that are worth checking out?

    • The Flakes // Drummer says:

      Early Tant Strul and Pink Champange is worth it I think.

      • Martin says:

        Agree with Peter, and the same goes for Sporten är död, Fega PÃ¥hopp (posted here, just do a search) and don’t forget the excellent Diablesse Grupp 6. A bunch of bands had female vocalists and some had girls in the band, but unfortunately not too many all-girl bands from that era, at least not that ended up on vinyl or tape.

        • Martin says:

          I forgot to add Extrem Exem, but can’t really remember if their 7″ is great. All I can remember is that I thought the songs were a bit too long.

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