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ABC 80 – Pop i radion 7″

Pop, a definition taken from Urban Dictionary. Horrible “music” in wich (sic) teenage girls age 13 and up sing about the hardships of love, they do not write their own songs, nor music, and there are no real instruments, just … Continue reading

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The Panics – S/T 7″

I´m totally in love with this record. Cause it combines the best of two worlds: powerpop and sloppy punk rock. The flips cover of Bacharachs My Little Red Book. Holy shit! A cover performed as if no other then Elvis Costello and … Continue reading

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You´ve been banned!!

Gotten a couple of emails from people who´ve been banned. This is not on purpose. I got banned too today ha ha. Just try reloading the site a couple of times and it will work fine.

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Bugs – Computer is no loser E.P. 7″

Here’s the second release from Bugs, and as you can hear they learned how to play by now. Unfortunately they still showed way too much of their roots as a punk band in the songs Doda doda and Religion, but … Continue reading

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Breakouts – In Vagueness Deal/Millirems 7″

To companion Erichs post of the second Breakouts(which I used to have but didn´t and still don´t like) here´s their debut which is much better in my opinion. Sure the songs are still on the long side but for some reason they … Continue reading

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