TBC – Musik i plast E.P. 7″

Muddy proggers with classic 70s haircuts and facial hair in an attempt to play raw punk or aggressive boogie rockers? Hard to tell, but I call it punk and I think they’re pretty amazing as well. Truly Folkets Hus punk in the vein of Goteborg Sound and Rune Strutz but with some wailing harmonica and classic progg/ punk lyrics. You don’t understand Swedish? Not my problem mate, but they were most likely the only punk band with a song dedicated to Lill-Babs (the world’s most boring woman). Aaah, the hate and the venom in the lyrics always puts a smile on my face.

Erich, there’s a link between this band and our beloved Swedish socialdemocratic party as the cover is printed on the same paper as the party used to print their propaganda posters on, making it one of the thinnest and most fragile covers I’ve ever seen on a 7″. And look at the name written on the back of it! Bert Wilzén! The same guy who used to own my copy of Live pa Musikverket none the less. Good old Bert bought 247 records in the 11 months between his purchase of these 2 records and a few of them (including the frequently requested TT Garderob 100) have now found a home in my collection.

In 1981 the band released a posthumous live E.P. that includes the kick ass song Nakna brudar as well as two of the songs from this 7″ and a Chelsea cover, but by then the band had transformed into The Pinheads.

Country: Sweden
Year: 1978
Label: Mjalthugg
Format: 7″
Musik i plast.mp3
Lill-Babs (varldens trakigaste kvinna).mp3
Logn logn.mp3

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  1. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Musik i plast and Lill-Babs are rad though I doubt people who aren’t lucky to be born in the greatest country on earth: Sweden will appreciate them. I’ve always hated harmonica A LOT. Here it fits in quiet well. Logn logn is just too much for me. Delete.

  2. Ultra thin paper, brown from ageing and yellow vinyl: I expected a lot! Quite boogie woogie, I’d say. Charming! Charming country. Charmingdemocratic.

  3. Jay Thurston says:

    Can you say “Blues Traveller?” Just kidding, although, I hate harmonicas…

  4. Senap says:

    “Musik i plast” was an old fave on a mixtape I made from radioprogram “Ny VÃ¥g”. Didn’t remember the harmonica though but it’a still a good song.
    Can’t agree with the munspelantagonists, think Lew Lewis Reformer and Dr Feelgood without the blow-jobs. Pub-ably impossible? Looking forward to the Bert Wilzën följetong.

  5. Tony says:

    Nice quirky one! Thanks for posting! I’ve never heard this one before. I always love hearing “new” stuff especially Swedish gems as you well know. I had never heard that Shades 12″EP from Texas before either so it’s been a good couples of months for me. Once I get around to updating my blog I hope to post some stuff y’all may have never heard before either.

  6. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Looking forward to a wordy post from you Tony. And can we hope for a swedish gem that neither Martin or I have heard?

  7. I know what you mean Senap, but my boss won’t allow me to post neither TT Garderob 100 or Pizzoar, but maybe there will be a Bert follow up post some day none the less.
    And what about all the harmonica hate here? DO you all hate the harmonica in Start Today as well? Know what you mean thou, it ain’t a punky instrument as it makes the music a bit too bluesy. Oboe thou, that’s an instrument that makes punk even more punky!

  8. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Yeah or violin!

    About TT Garderob and Pizzoar. He/she/heshe/shehe who waits…

  9. Tony says:

    “A wordy post”- LOL! I’ll try to get around to one very soon. Wow, but a posting with a Swedish gem that neither of y’all have heard? That’s a tall order, but I will dig around with that mission in mind. I was surprised that I stumped you Swedes when I posted the Tapes “Dreamland” 7″. Maybe I could dazzle all if I had stuff like the B-side of the Venerias 7″, the Plast 7″, Ruff Fukt and Suck comp LP or Framfor Flotet. Speaking of SwePunk, I ordered that Encyclopedia of Swedish Punk book by Peter Jandreus from Amazon (cheapest place to get it here in the States) but they’re fucking around and I am impatiently waiting to get my hands on it 3 weeks later. I assume you guys already have copies. Fuck, I just realized that if I wasn’t writing these long comments I could have already done a posting to my blog by now! Later, TONY

  10. Yeah Tony, please post Framför Flötet or the b-side to the Venerias 7″ to prove that it really exists. But Plast? C’mon, that ain’t very rare or good at all.

  11. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    I have the Plast 7″ and it may not be “good” but I find it quiet interesting in a historic perspective. A great record who sez fuck punk let´s get industrial. I also have the Ruff, Fukt and Suck comp. LP but that one ain´t nothing to write home about. Really boring.

    Yes, got the copy of Encyclopedia of Swedish Punk. I enjoy it but believe Peter Kagerlands book about swe punk is going to be even better.

  12. Did you happen to notice my name in the intro chapter to the Encyclopedia Peter? I like to think of it as my 15 minutes in the spotlight.

  13. Oh, by the way, who’s on the Ruff, fukt och suck comp? It rings a small bell, but my memory fails me once again…

  14. Jay Thurston says:

    Krunch are the greatest Swedish hardcore band ever!!

  15. Johnny says:

    Hej trummis. Jag har Pizzoar ep’n om det är av intresse. Inte till salu, men mp3 gÃ¥r att ordna.

  16. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Hi Jonny! Where two people posting here so it might be confusing.

    And yeah Martin(Faintest Idea Wanker) I saw you’re name in the intro and it made me sick!

  17. Johnny says:

    Ok, I understand Flake. And i’m a drummer too…
    Anyway, I managed to locate your faint idea fellow, not more than two blocks away or so it seemed!

  18. Its really funny, the issue of the aging cover. I spent years looking for the “white” and “dark tan” color. It wasn´t until I located the band I realized that the 500 copies actually have aged differently due to how they´ve been stored over the years!

  19. 500 copies? Not 300? And what’s the color of mine Peter? I like to think of it as tanned bronze with a hint of pink…

  20. Well it might be 300. Or 200. Or 1000. All kbd/related records have in some point been told to be pressed in only 300 copies, esp. at Ebay-auctions…

  21. gobo says:

    As someone mentioned before, do someone acctually own the Framför Flötet ep. I would love to hear a song, and even see a scan of the back.

  22. christer stattin says:

    Hello there
    We are planing a rerelease of TBC-s all songs,and also a gig here i Umeå Sweden,sometime this winter,so make your flightreserves.

    Christer Stattin

    World responsable for the TBC-s revivel

  23. Nathan G says:

    I think Musik I Plast is great killer harmonica punk!!

  24. Putte says:

    Looks like Bert had a great punk collection back in -79.
    I have number 162 dated 12/5 -79 (sex pistols-gun control)

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