Reklamation – Namnlos E.P. 7″

I doubt it can be said enough times so I say it again. This is one of my favorite records ever! Very snotty, funny and with a hint of hard rock in the drums and guitar solos which usually makes me feel sick, but here it’s on the right side of the border. The overdubbed guitar parts makes the guitars powerful and super crunchy and I would love to figure out how to get a sound like that. The only thing this record lacks according to the Bruce Dickinson is more cowbell!

The band came from Hjo (Jo, det gjorde dom visst), the wooden town know for it’s huge population of Sweden’s pride and glory, raggare. This made life hard for the members and their first planned show had to be canceled after the band received death threats from the local motor heads. At least this gave the band some publicity and set the path for their future as violence and canceled or disrupted gigs became their thing. Luckily the members was really talented when it came to find emergency exits after insulting the audience, and they even gave some future members of Anti Cimex a lesson in how to escape from a window faster than you our dutch friends says als een potvis in een pispot pist, heb je een pispot vol met potvispis.

For you English masturbators who only understand the lyrics to Fonstertittaren (thank Joe Strummer for that) head over to the bands myspace site while the rest of us enjoys the complete story with the all the fights, booze and born again madness over at punktjafs.

Country: Sweden
Year: 1980
Label: NR
Format: 7″
(Trivs du i) Hjo?.mp3
Tacka din herre.mp3

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19,170 Responses to Reklamation – Namnlos E.P. 7″

  1. Martin says:

    Sorry, I meant mastivbators, not masturbators

  2. Anonymous says:

    Strong Blue Cheer-ish sound.

  3. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Trivs i Hjo is great! Really love the guitar sound. I would not reklamera that. The rips sounds really good on this one Martin!

  4. Thanx Peter, I think I found the magic high quality rip button a few days ago.

  5. Zäta says:

    Thanx for the kind words!

  6. Nathan G says:

    It’s interesting how much the raggare hated the early punk when so much of it was based on Chuck Berry riffage (the Sex Pistols/Steve Jones had a big hand in this). This is more along the likes of the Stooges/Pistols than anything else. More evidence that Sweden was the capital of punk (European sector) back in the day!

  7. Martin says:

    This copy is up on Ebay now (or will be as soon as Ebay’s done their job). Happy bidding, papa needs a new pair of shoes;

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