Public Zone – Naive 7″

You can have all my other records but I’m keeping this. The flip is totally rubbish but who cares when you can play Naive all day long. Stewart Copeland behind the drums. I say no more.

It’s pure science that Naive is one of the greatest songs ever written, recorded and pressed onto vinyl. 

Country: UK
Year: 1977
Label: Logo
Format: 7″

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19,170 Responses to Public Zone – Naive 7″

  1. Collin says:


  2. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Glad you liked it Collin!!

  3. Okay. But you can keep Career Suicide.

  4. Kinetic Kid says:

    It’s pure logic this is not as good as “Don’t Care” by Klark Kent.

  5. Jay Thurston says:

    “Naive” is a powerpop classic. They should have been rich with that song.

  6. Great muso-punk!!! I’ve always liked the B-side too.

  7. I don’t get it, Naive is OK but that’s all!

  8. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Maybe that’s cause you like Anti Avans Martin ;).

  9. Naive is really really good. It grows on you quickly. Let it happen, maaaaaaan.

  10. Dietmar says:

    you’re right – it’s a classic !!

    and for all people who don’t think that it’s really Stewart Copeland on that record – it definitely is!


  11. If Anti-Avans was released in 1979 everyone would love them.

  12. Same with Career Suicide, haha.

  13. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    And Paul Chain ha ha!

  14. But Paul Chain started way in the 70s :-(

  15. Jay Thurston says:

    Yeah, Paul Chain has been playing that shit since the 1970’s…when will it end?? Hahahahahaha…

  16. djstreetsmart says:

    Ok Sweden I can take you collection. You can keep this one, but only this. Not that it´s bad. More so that you collection would fit me. And I can always find this one again. But a collection with Disco Zombie, The Producers and for moset the Fans is my dream. So how do you want to do this? Should I come to Sthlm to pick it up or should you take it along the next time you go to visit your birthplace Östergötland? :)

  17. Big Chuff says:

    hey man this song is IMMORTAL!!! Really hooky & addicting. Can you recommend anything else that has this similar feel that I can check into??? Great tune. Thanks!

  18. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Hey Big I think you´ll dig London Zoo too posted here. Just do a search.

  19. Kenny Nonymous says:

    ‘Naive’ is a great song!! Just found this website, I think I’ve died and gone to heaven. May be time to go buy that teradrive after all…

  20. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Glad you like the blog Kenny.

  21. brinebombs says:

    This band, minus Stewart Copeland, was previously called Metro and released a self-titled record around 76/77. Metro is more glam but still worth a listen. Band members Peter Godwin and Duncan Browne also had solo careers. Just found that out figured I’d share it.

  22. cl1 says:

    i never really liked this record….. a little too weak

  23. Yeah man,This tune is real quality!

  24. sir hake says:

    yeah shes so naive thank you kbd

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