Rob Noxious caught on film

Hilarious! Someone managed to film Guy Robert Archambue(Rob Noxious, thingsdogsdo, amateur_gynecologist, Tony from Hawaii etc etc) as he talks about party.

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  1. get some says:

    was that in front of some swanky LA hot spot? What a tool.

  2. Jay Thurston says:

    That was one funny fucking story! What a fucking idiot…

  3. always on says:

    nah, that’s downtown HB

  4. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Guess you haven’t read the article Peter ;). He’s from Huntington Beach, Ca. not Kings Park, NY/ Thousand Oaks, CALIFORNIA. And he’s not into Metal. There’s several “Rob Noxious” in bands etc. And Guy Robert would never have a myspace, facebook, twitter etc etc etc profile.

  5. I was a little quick posting that one… I guess he isn´t a fantastic drummer either like the one with the Myspacepage he he…

    If I was in a band I would name myself Rob “smelly” Noxious for sure! And…. oops….. I am….
    …who knows, mabye he really was in a band in the early 80s or something…. and they did one rare as fuck ep and all of them were destroyed except one, with the limited Robby-smell attached to it…. big bucks on Ebay! Who wouldn´t want a piece of Rob…. and not just literally.

  6. You guys are real cyber-stalkers ;-)

  7. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    For those who don´t get why this is here:

  8. Anonymous says:

    lmao. it cracks me up to read you all bash this guy. I guess he really is the personification of “collector scum.” the feelings are justified, but is it really so hard to say “fuck you. I’m not trading you any records and you cant stay at my house.”?

  9. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    “Anonymous” seems you don’t get it at all. Sorry for you. Business are built on trust not trying to scam people. Hard to say “fuck you”? No, as soon as you know you’ve been scammed you can certainly do it. But if the person seems trustworthy? Do you then just tell him to fuck off out of nowhere?

  10. Joe C (anonymous) says:

    The Flakes, Drummer
    Sorry, meant to include my name.
    Yeah, I guess I dont get it. I understand your point, but if you are blindly trading records for other vinyl of which the value is not known, than it’s your own fault.

    For example, I would never trade an original pressing of the “Mentally Ill” 45 for some other unknown punk record I never heard of, just because the guy who wants to trade it to me says that it is worth a lot.

    I understand that the business is built on trust, but in the punk community, people are very vulnerable to scams because no one wants to believe their fellow punk would screw them over. Would I tell someone to “fuck off” without knowing them? No. But if I felt for a second like they would try to take advantage of me by not paying for their fair share of food, after giving them a place to stay and helping them out, I would tell them to fuck off.

  11. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    I think this is a matter of different cultural values. Seems americans reasons very much like you do Joe. At least here in Sweden we are more “blue eyed” so to say. We easily trust each other. Why is that? I guess it´s cause we don´t usually try to screw each other(and I don´t mean it in THAT way. we fuck a lot for sure). But if a person shows lot of knowledge, has a lot of rare records and seems nice a trust worthy relation is easily built. And I´m is just one of many who´s a proof of that. But if I found out some one is fucking with me I´ll sure fuck back. Hence the story about Rob. It´s my way of saying fuck off. I don´t think we´ll get any further in this discussion so just let it end here. If you do want to discuss it leave an email address next time or your comments will get deleted.

  12. Joe C () says:

    Hey, I dont want you to get the wrong impression, I feel bad that he ripped you off. And it is motherfuckers like Rob who confirm the stereotype that Americans are nothing but a bunch of slimy money-grabbing, materialists (like the Russians.) I hate to see anyone who is well-intentioned get taken for a ride. I think you made a good point about the cultural differences, though. It’s a shame that most Americans are only concerned about how much they can profit at the another person’s expense.

  13. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Joe, I removed your email address that you lumped together with your name instead of placing it in the email field ;). Don’t want you to get loads of spam cause it’s visible to others.

  14. neutronron says:

    did you guys take this off my blog?

  15. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Eh which blog? This is a youtube clip free for anyone to use or am I missing something?

  16. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Sorry BC you forgotten to include your email address.

  17. neutronron says:

    LOL im not saying ” I filmed this how dare you use it ” Im just roundabout saying that i posted this b/c my friends filmed it and funny to see it here.

  18. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    HA HA ok :). I got the link via email.

  19. DR. PHIBES says:

    I met this guy about 10 years ago thru an ad in MRR. He sent me his list and I bought a few records from him off and on for about a year. Then one day he decides to show up at my flat in San Francisco. I open the door and hes says “Hi I’m Rob from HB, I thought I would stop by, I have alot of vinyl in my car thought you might want to do some trading.” He had this fucking creep from Scotland with him that he said he picked up hitch-hiking. As the night went on he pretended he was drunk off of one beer! He asked if he could spend the night because I lived in a scary neighborhood and he didnt want to sleep in the park…I said NO sorry. He begged and begged as his freind proceded to stare at my womans ass. I knew of this guy thru my freind in holland who knew him as “tony from hawaii” I knew he wanted to steal my records in the middle of the night. He did rip me off in a trade though. It was a Rattus LP poko press. Before he left my house he somehow switched the POKO press with the Brazilian press.I realized this the next morning. ROB your a fucking asshole. I know he lives with his dad or some old man in HB AND I guess there is a bunch of guns laying around or so I heard.

  20. james says:

    tasty treat.

  21. Touki says:

    I met this smelly bastard a couple years ago when he was traveling europe.
    A friend of mine was in contact with him thru ebay and then one day he received a call from a guy called Kevin saying he was friend of Zoloft Anaconda and was at the train station with a lot of records for sale or trade…
    So we went there and saw all those great records with really crazy prices.
    My friend bought the No Thanx 7″ for 150 euros! and Basta 7″ for the same price to finally see it was a reissue…. I was intrested in a couple records he has so he told me we could probably find an agreement on a trade. He asked me if it was possible to stay at my place that night so we could listen to all the great records he has, enjoy some beers and see if there is something he is looking for in my collection. I agreed without problem since i organized gigs for a couple of years back then and bands always slept at my place without any trouble .We arrived at my place and since he was very smelly, i offered him to take a shower. He declined.. .So we listened to a lot of his records while he was going thru my collection and spotted the DirtShit 7″. This is the one he needed.
    I told him there were no trade possible on this one. No WAY.
    So at 3 in the morning after insisting for two hours i decide it was time for me to go to sleep without trading anything, just bought him a Painted Willie 7″ for 15 euros and that was expensive considering the condition of the record. I flipped one last time his box of records to see if i could maybe buy another one . At my big surprise i found my DirtShit 7″ in his box! He served me he was already drunk and that it was probably a mistake….He drunk 2 beers for the all night!!!
    He wanted to sleep in the couch next my records because it seemed to be very confortable, what a joke!!!! He slept in the basement….He quit next morning and never saw him again. I felt lucky!
    I’m pretty sure the term ” collector scum” was invented for this first class asshole!!
    If you live in the US,please do everybody a favor, STOP HIM!!

  22. shhhh says:

    haha fucking rob, I know this man, he goes by Mr. A and is a sub teacher in high schools in huntington beach, he doesnt know that I know who he really is and I keep it that way cus I buy shit from him. he also shops at my grocery store.

    • Jay Thurston says:

      You can tell he is in your store by the horrible stench that permeates the entire place??? Maybe you can direct him to the deodorant and soap section next time you see him???

  23. bobby roberts says:

    lets party dudes

  24. Student says:

    I’ve tracked this guy’s names:
    -Rob Noxious
    -Peter (Mayes?)
    -Harry (in the UK)
    -Tony (from Hawaii)
    -Fahad Nabhan (stolen identity)
    -Bobby Roberts (fake Facebook)
    -Guy Robert Archambue
    -Guy Smiley
    -Behn Dover
    -Ilene Dover
    -Ray Ern(st)
    -Mary Lewdsnot

    I’m not a record collector, I’m a student of his.
    He substitute teaches at my school (HB) and goes by the name Captain Zesty Spice. His most popular phrases include awesome possum, tasty treat, silly chili, juicy monkey, oh mangoes, go to town, etc. He’s increasingly strange; this is where my interest in him spiked. I found this website and then found his fake Facebook, youtube, emails, and his phone number. I had no idea who he really was! I feel so enlightened.
    I’m just waiting for the day when I’m sitting in his class and the police storm in and take him away on account of stealing.

  25. waxie says:

    I was contacted by Rob ilene_dover Noxious on discogs not long ago. I recognized his inimitable writing style: “Hello there, do you perhaps have the pedestrians or pelicans singles? thanks in advance and very best regards.”

    His home page also displays his style at its strange best: “In the case of the demo tapes/cassettes on our wants, we are also totally fine with a nice cd-r (recording) of those because we understand you might be attached to the original (might be sentimental), so even a compact disc recording of any of the demos from our wants lists would be great and actually none of us own a cassette deck at this point sadly, so a c.d.r. is totally fine.”

    No mention of “tasty treats,” though.

    He hasn’t moved to Torrance, has he?

  26. Kurt Robert Heyden says:

    Wow. Entertaining… kinda.
    I was “Rob Noxious” in the SF and then SB punk scene, starting around ’78… played in bands, wrote for Ripper Magazine and others… Pretty sure none of those pics are of me- I may have looked strange, but never THAT stupid… and these idjits are at LEAST 10 years younger. Just wanted to set the record straight.

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